Karen Nyamu Done With Samidoh, Insults His Wife

Kumbe hii ndio form ya wakili

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 10:13 AM  | Samidoh  | Drama

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
Popular city lawyer and aspiring Nairobi Senator, Karen Nyamu has responded to Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu after she went after her senatorial campaign. 
Edday had taken to Instagram to share a subliminal diss which seemed aimed at Karen. The popular musician’s wife, without mentioning her love rival,  gave her thoughts on who she considers the right candidate to take up the major government job. She posted a photo of her preferred candidate for the whole world to see.

Edday endorsed Julie Kabogo from the Chama Cha Kazi party and noted in her caption that she was her choice. Fans quickly took note of the subliminal message aimed at Karen and proceeded to give their thoughts on the issue.

Karen’s response

It seems news of Edday’s endorsement got to Karen, and she was ready with a response. Karen took to her Instagram Stories to share a cryptic text post that seemed to convey several messages. The post seemed to confirm that she and Samidoh are no longer a couple as it was addressed to an ex. 

The other message in the text is that her ex should tell his dog to stop being excited every time it saw her as they are no longer together. Do you think when she is talking about a dog she is talking about Edday? 
Maybe Samidoh has an actual dog, but since he has never shown us a dog in his posts it is safe to say that Karen knew what she was doing as she captioned the image with a laugh and a message that noted, “patia doggy news pls”.

A whirlwind romance

It’s such a surprise to see that she might be broken up with Samidoh already. The two have had a long-running affair which resulted in the birth of one son and they are now expecting another baby, as Karen is heavily pregnant. 
The aspiring senator has given fans insights into her relationship with Samidoh before during an interview with Jeff Kuria. Jeff asked her whether she likes children or she simply likes having them by the man she loves? At the time, Karen responded by saying that you cannot have children with any man you do not like.
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Karen noted that her second child was unplanned as it was an election year and she was unprepared for the child as she was in the thick of things campaigning. She noted that she was stressed because she realised the man she was with did not know what he was doing with his life. His movement and actions did little to instill confidence in her.

Do you think that Karen has finally grown tired of Samidoh and pulled the trigger on their relationship? 

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