Karen Nyamu And Edday’s Beef Gets Messy

Samidoh is the prize.

By  | Jun 22, 2022, 11:12 AM  | Samidoh  | Drama

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When it comes to messy love triangles, the Samidoh, Edday Nderitu and Karen Nyamu affair is surely up there amongst the most toxic. But where did it all begin?

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Let’s start at the beginning. During the 2020 December festivities, the playboy Mugithi musician Samidoh was brazenly cheating on his wife with Karen Nyamu in Dubai, while his wife was at home alone with their children.

In a selfie video filmed on a boat cruise, Samidoh was seen making jokes with a giggly Karen. Karen herself had her head on his shoulder, and laughed out loud at his jokes. Samidoh also appeared to have his hands around Karen's shoulder. The video caused a scandalous storm. But that was only the beginning.

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Nearly six months later in August 2021, Karen revealed that she was already three months pregnant with Samidoh's child. But their affair was already in the rocks, as Karen made allegations of assault against Samidoh.

"Mwanywele zangu zimetolewa! I was beaten. We, women, are very foolish! We have to teach these violent guys a lesson. I am in shock, my daughter has cried. How have you gotten pregnant again? That man is fertile. Children are a blessing. I will raise them. Love is stupid. Samidoh did it. Someone told him I was seen in Mombasa with a man. As if my colleagues are all female. Guys, I have to make a report and make this a lesson for all men who think that they can beat women and get away with it."

Along the way, Samidoh made up with his estranged wife Edday. Edday shared a cheeky victory dance video on her IG. Some fans speculated that her dance was a celebration of winning her hubby back from Karen. Samidoh apologized publicly to his wife saying, “I am sorry!!! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and this involvement led to the birth of an innocent child.”

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But according to Karen, Samidoh’s public apology meant nothing because the singer was still very much involved with her.

In February of this year, the aspiring Nairobi Senator Karen welcomed her and Samidoh's child, a girl she named Njeri. Fans of Karen immediately started congratulating Samidoh by calling him “Baba Njeri”.

Which brings us to the just passed Father's Day when Karen and Edday revived their beef. Karen sparked another online tiff when she took to Instagram to leave a message for Samidoh. Edday was forced to write a message of her own when fans noted that Edday had not wished Samidoh a happy Father's Day just like Karen.

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Fans were left split at Karen's baiting of Edday on social media.

"My silence doesn't mean that you won, simply means your level of stupidity left me speechless."

"First wife is very smart upwards."

"Soo hard to celebrate a community husband."

"So you want them to compete over father Abraham,,, Eddy silence makes you different and unique."

"There's a difference from celebrating someone publicly n privately doing something important which I bet Eddie did,after all this snatcher is always desperate n must make efforts to please Samidoh ,but since Eddie is wise she just gives her the way since she has nothing to loose."

"Eddy is a mature lady,smart one and she doesn't need any competition."
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