Samidoh's Wife Eddah Goes After Karen Nyamu

Eddah and Karen get dirty on Instagram

By  | Mar 02, 2021, 10:46 AM  | Drama

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Singer Samidoh is a man in distress following the infighting among his wife Eddah and alleged baby mama Karen Nyamu.

Over the weekend Ms Nyamu confirmed that Samidoh is the father of her child sending the internet into a frenzy. Some fans went ahead to castigate Nyamu over the affair with a married man.

Edday revealed that she was in an accident which she attributed to a "female devil" leading fans to speculate that the "devil" in question is Nyamu.

“Thanks, God, for saving my life and that of my friends, aki nimeamini leo devil is a woman”, Edday shared on Instagram.

Samidoh's wife would later claim that Nyamu has been using pseudo accounts to attack her on social media platforms. But Nyamu refuted the claims and offered Edday Ksh1,000,000 if she could produce the videos and pictures that Karen supposedly sent her.

What has triggered the feud between the two women remains unclear but fans have wondered whether Nyamu sharing the video of Samidoh at her house with their child is the beginning of a long feud.

In the video on her Instagram Nyamu captioned: “A dad doesn’t tell you that he loves you, he shows you #muchokis”.

Nyamu had asked online fans to cease calling her a homewrecker over her relationship with the married singer. She went on a rant on her Instagram stories and said she will no longer hide her family.

"I will never stop posting my family. I have nothing to hide in my life now," she said. "Oh wife, why are you assuming she is evil or that he is so reckless and irresponsible not to have sat her down. Oh, you are doing this to hurt his wife. You will be surprised, it is our men's other women that bother us, it is never the wife."

The politician cautioned fans who trolled her over Valentine's weekend after Samidoh posted pictures with Edday.

Rumours of Nyamu and Samidoh dating started swirling in 2020 and her cryptic messages intensified talk among fans and trolls alike. Her friends would later throw her a baby shower and the politician in an Instagram post thanked her baby daddy who was unknown at the time.

“Surprise baby shower. I have the best friends everrrr! Thank you so much for making me feel so special. To baba SM jr kwa kuniset up na ma meetings haziko, ishio nitukwaria😂 May someone make you feel just like you made me feel today🤍” her message read.

The politician has been vocal about the nature of her relationship with Samidoh. During an interview with a local radio station, she maintained that the two are just friends and she was aware of his wife.

"Yes, I know her, but our circles are different and I know she has no beef with me. Because she knows the truth. She knows Samido is my friend."

During the interview, Karen also revealed that she had dated a married man and her experiences had stopped her from ever wanting to get married.

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