Rose Muhando: I Was Told I’ll Die In 10 Days. Pastor Ng’ang’a Saved Me

Ng'ang'a to the rescue

By  | Aug 26, 2020, 10:58 AM  | Drama

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Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando continues to open about the shocking turmoil that left her in hospital unconscious two years ago. 
The singer linked up with Wasafi Media for a candid interview where she narrated how a man of God prophesied her suffering. Muhando revealed in the interview that she was told she will face several uphill tasks with the final will being the hardest. 
She was also told the final one would see her take her final breath. 
"Before I went through what I went through, there is a man of God that said, I was going to go through four hard things and the fourth one will be the hardest,” she said in the interview. 
"I went through all that and when the fourth time came, I was in Nairobi. 10 days before that, I was told that they will make sure that you are no longer exist under the sun."
 Rose Muhando. Photo: Kiss 100

The troubled gospel hitmaker was a trending topic in 2018 after dramatic exorcism videos with Pastor Ng’ang’a emerged. While many believed she was sick and needed medical attention urgently, the singer said she was fighting a spiritual battle, and thanks to pastor Ng’ang’a, she worn. 
"Bishop Ng'ang'a saw the vision and prayed for me and when I got my consciousness, I found myself at the hospital,” she said. 
“I was not in a good state and they thought I was just sick but I thought it was my time. That's when I met God and he filled me with strength and courage and I have known God because He has a reason why people go through what they go through.” 
After surviving the harsh spiritual battle, the mother of three released 'Kenya Ulindwe' to thank Kenyan people and president Uhuru Kenyatta in general.
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