Ringtone Slaps Bridget Achieng' After Rape Allegations

You can't put me down

By  | Mar 30, 2021, 04:56 AM  | Ringtone  | Drama

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Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has slapped socialite Bridget Achieng and haters with strong words following a sexual assault allegation leveled against him.

Bridget Achieng on Monday took to her social media wall accusing Ringtone of raping her about seven years ago.

Following the allegation, Kenyans took to social media to bash the singer accusing him of hypocrisy and being arrogant.

Responding to the Kenyans, Ringtone noted that he was not where he is at the moment because of their support. According to him, his current stats is all because of God.
Ringtone says fans did not contribute to his success. Photo: Instagram

"I hear some stupid people yapping out there about the chairman (Ringtone). Don't just mention the name of the chairman without a purpose... I am a son of God and let me tell you the truth, I am not here because of your support... Am here because of God," Ringtone said in a video posted online.

He maintained that his present condition has nothing to do with his talent but because God has outwitted his haters.

"God has outwitted those who hate me and now they find themselves speaking stupid things about me.," he said while referring to his haters with mean words like "satan, stupid people" among others.

He said that haters can't bring him down. He noted that the car he drives or the house he lives in did not come from the hater.

"The son of Jesus is clean, has a class above those rebuking him. I have standards, don't compare me with things that I can't even describe... If my success came from your money, I could have been dead long ago," Ringtone added.

In a video shared online, Bridget claims that about 7 years ago, singer Ringtone invited her to his house in Westlands. Knowing that Ringtone could help her with her singing career, she accepted the invite.
Bridget Achieng. Photo: Courtesy

During the invite, Bridget notes that the gospel artist took advantage of her and sexually abused her. Threatening him with a lawsuit, the socialite said the singer told her that she could take him nowhere for he was rich.

“Ringtone took advantage of me seven years ago and told me I cannot do anything even if I go to the police because I do not have money,” Bridget claimed.

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