Ringtone Lands In Trouble After Threatening Andrew Kibe

Sasa what exactly did he expect?

By  | Apr 28, 2022, 11:53 AM  | Ringtone  | Drama

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This past week we have seen Kibe making headlines for either putting a celebrity on blast or for being blasted himself. 

Let’s face it though, this is Kibe we are talking about, is there a day that goes by without him being the talk of the town? 

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Well, just in case you thought that we will have better things to talk about during the much awaited long weekend, you may have to think again. 

This is after Mpasho news reported that controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has allegedly sent a direct threat to the former radio presenter saying that he will leak a damning video of Kibe. 

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In the post that seems to have been deleted by Ringtone, the singer has claimed that he has what seems to be a s3x tape of Andrew Kibe adding that he loves “wababaz

The tape was supposed to be released at the time of writing this story but the artist is yet to release the clip and at this point we can only believe that it was just one another of his clout chasing stunts. 

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Seeing the way Kibe has been trending lately, it is clear that Ringtone really wants to hop on to this fame bandwagon while it still lasts and it is clearly not working out for him. 

What is even worse is that netizens have not delayed in putting him on blast for having the audacity to threaten their favorite YouTube sensation. 

If the tea master himself Edgar Obare has had to be on the receiving end of Kibe’s cracking whip, Ringtone ako sure atawezana kweli? 


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Let’s start with the fact that his threat was of course not delivered in the right grammatically correct English. 

That itself was enough for netizens to give him a piece of their mind which can only prove that inasmuch as Kenyans have for the longest time loved to hate on Kibe, he has his legion of loyal fans and are willing to show up for him any day and anytime. 


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But even as all this is going on, one question remains, does Ringtone really think anyone will believe anything he has to say or in this case reveal seeing that he is threatening to do the same exact thing Uncle Edgar did? 

Surely it cannot be a coincidence that days after Edgar leaked the explicit photos of Kibe that Ringtone supposedly has a tape to leak as well? But seeing that he still has not leaked the video yet, we can only assume that he has decided to press pause on poking the angry bear that is Andrew Kibe. 

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If Ringtone is looking for Kibe’s attention, he best believe that he will get it and tables might actually turn for him and not the other way around as he thinks. 

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