Ringtone Addresses Willy Paul Beef

He is confusing christians.

By  | Jun 02, 2020, 07:01 AM  | Ringtone  | Drama

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Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has come out to address his relationship with fellow artist, Willy Paul. 
The two have been after each other for a while now , something that has not sat well with their fans. The most disturbing thing is that no one could really figure out why the two have been going at each other this long. 
Now Ringtone has finally decided to break the silence on this brewing beef and come out to set the record straight confirming that whatever is going on between him and singer Willy Paul is nothing personal.
For the longest time now, Ringtone and Willy Paul have been trolling each other on social media with name calling and insults but Ringtone insists the only misgivings he has with Willy Paul is for confusing Christians.

“He started well and after we bought his music, he got a bit of money bought a Mercedes and started sleeping around with girls,” Ringtone said.“I don’t have beef with WillyPaul or Bahati or anyone else in this industry. The only thing I’m saying is none of us is righteous but we shouldn’t use our music to confuse Christians especially in public,” He added
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Since Willy Paul switched to secular music, Ringtone has never let him rest to the extent that the beef has escalated with Willy Paul threatening to rough up Ringtone when and if they ever cross paths. But an unfazed Ringtone has kept going at Willy Paul and continues to seem unbothered.

Whereas a section of fans feel Ringtone is clout chasing as he has done this in the past, some are of the opinion that he could be harbouring a personal vendetta against Willy Paul.

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