Hon. John Seruts' Daughter Begs For Money On Twitter

It's the overwhelming response for us...

By  | Oct 14, 2021, 03:47 PM  | Drama

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The daughter of former Mt Elgon Member of Parliament John Serut is currently fighting thousands of KOT trolls on Twitter because of a plea she made in the morning asking for financial help for her father.

According to his daughter, named Chemos Serut, the former MP was in a very bad way, and the family had reached its limits forcing them to seek assistance from the people on Twitter.

She revealed that her father was ailing from a type of Blood cancer that affects multiple major organs and he was very ill.


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She went on to add that even though they had tried their best, their bill had come to over KES 30 million and they were struggling to come up with the rest of the money since it seemed like every time he went into the hospital, they would leave with no less than KES 3 million in bills, with their most recent visit costing them a whopping KES 5 million! She added that just this year alone they had amounted to a bill of KES 14 million and it was now too much.

Mish set up a donations account and so far on its third day, they have been able to raise over KES 250,000 in donations under the hashtag #togetherforserut.

This was fine and dandy, however, until a KOT tweep quoted her tweets accusing her father of the unthinkable. 

According to the account tagged @ilikebadbwoyys, her father Hon. John Serut deserved none of the love that he was getting on Twitter because he was very rich and very b*d!

The account revealed that during the post-election clashes, John Serut m******d two of their uncles because they refused to join his group of youths called ‘Janjawit’ that he had formulated for his own ‘malicious’ reasons. Dark.

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Mish took it upon herself to defend her dad these claims, however –she said that there were documents that proved otherwise and if the person could not prove the claims, they were all lies.

The politician was attacked with hundreds of claims against him in the Mt Elgon area –many of which said he wasn’t a very nice man…

Mish, however, said that even so –this was still her dad and she was still going to fight for him to survive…

The trolling is continuing, and from the way these numbers are looking, maybe Mish should call off the plea. What do you think?
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