The Most Hated Celebs Of 2021

We were not nice to them!

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 03:50 PM  | Drama

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For the most part, we adore our celebs -They inspire us, they encourage us, they keep us entertained.
Some celebrities, however, seem to have been put here to cause chaos, or in other words, they exist to create controversy! Some of them don't mean it, but trouble seems to follow them everywhere!
Here is the list of the celebrities that have received the most hate from the public in 2021!

Shaffie Weru and his Battalion

Granted, they have all paid for their mistakes by shamefully losing their jobs but for a big part of March down to April, they were the three most hated men on Kenyan social media. The three men had gone on their radio station to say that a girl who had been pushed from the 12th floor had been at fault because she was 'for the streets' and may have led the man to believe something that was not true. 
This was received with a crazy amount of backlash mainly because putting the one who was wrong to be responsible was incredibly hurtful for Kenyan women. 

Amber Ray

Amber has been in the pits for a rather long time now. Many people (particularly women) hate Amber because she has not just slept with another woman's husband, she literally stole him away and even claimed to be his second wife (it has not been proven yet)
She has tried to explain herself but people are still not for it. Her video on Youtube currently has more dislikes than likes because women just desire her!

Kamene Goro

Kamene has been sort of quiet for a while, but she has found herself just in the pits as everybody else on this list. 
A few days ago she posted a meme on her instgram page that instantly went viral even though she deleted it a few moments later. 
She posted "mental health na hamna akili", and that seemed to trigger a lot of Kenyans. 
She instantly went trending for making fun of people with mental health issues and for the entire weekend was trolled and body shamed for this. She still has not apologised or said anything about the post but she is still in the red zone with many Kenyans so maybe that's why.

Michelle Ntalami

Michelle found herself in the middle of a huge clash with her fans and other Kenyans when she asked for free services and promised to pay with exposure!
A few weeks back, Michelle revealed that she wanted to do a photoshoot for her birthday but said that she was going to do it differently. She revealed that she was going to do a free photoshoot in which people were supposed to bring their own things (for free) dress and take pictures, provide transport and everything see at no cost, and she ould also have the liberty of taking whatever she liked. 
Everybody landed on her heavily after that but she still did not fold! she still took the pictures and the brands still had their own share of marketing
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