'I Love Omuzigidi'-Pritty Addresses Eljibitikiu Rumours


By  | Jan 24, 2023, 12:37 PM  | Pritty Vishy   | Drama

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Content creator Pritty Vishy has finally addressed claims that she is a member of the LGBTQ community.

The rumors started spreading after she was caught kissing her long-time friend, fellow TikToker, and Instagram sensation Becky Akinyi.

Addressing the rumors on her Instagram stories, Pritty has refuted the claims saying that she has always been straight and that the video was misinterpreted.

"So today am going, to be honest with you all am straight, and stop saying that I joined elijibitikiu. It's not a bad thing to be there but for me being straight ..looking for a boyfriend...yani I love omuzigidi so stop spreading rumors or the so-called news, abeg." The content creator stated.

Mungai Eve's friend also stated that they are just good friends and that she does not regret kissing because it meant nothing. 

"I Don’t Regret Kissing Stivo Simple Boy Ex-Girlfriend PrittyVishi! It’s Normal To Me!" She said.

Pritty Vishy and Akinyi appeared to be on a balcony when filming the video; the girls may have shared the video and quickly deleted it, but some of their fans had already shared it, and as they say, the internet is forever. 

This is not the first time Becka's videos have resurfaced; she is not afraid to post nude photos or videos; a quick search through her social media will reveal her true self, and her content has seen her TikTok accounts closed.

Pritty's revelations prove why she has been after her ex-Stivo even though she is adamant that she does not wish to go back. In a past interview, when asked if he would take Pritty back if she asked for forgiveness, the singer said that their story is done and they can never get back together.

 He also added that he looks forward to being in a relationship if he can find a woman who meets his standards. He appears to have finally found his Miss Right.

Stevo maintained his stance that he shouldn't have sexual intercourse with women in an intimate capacity before getting married. He also argued that Pritty was not her type since they had different views on several topics, including premarital sex.

The 33-year-old virgin claimed that Pritty was always pestering her for them to get intimate but Stevo was not for the idea as he only believes in sex after marriage and not before

Pritty was also dating Madini Classic but their relationship did not last. The two were visible and made waves everywhere they went. She, on the other hand, denied being pregnant or having sex with Madini; she also stated that she no longer lives with Madini.

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