Pritty Vishy Makes Tearful Post After Trolls Target Her Looks

Fans were not interested in her rumoured leaked tape.

By  | Feb 01, 2023, 04:10 PM  | Drama

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There's nothing pretty about this. Pritty Vishy took to Instagram to show her soft spot for once.

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The influencer posted a tearful note after trolls mocked her appearance, calling her things like “Sura mbaya”,  “konokono” and “malaya.”

“Sometimes it's not fair,” she wrote, followed by a series of crying emojis.

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The online trolling Pritty Vishy received came in light of a rumoured leaked tape circulating on messaging app Telegram. Many people made fun of the rumour and encouraged each other to delete the video to stop it from spreading.

She herself took to her social media pages to laugh at those rumours. Taking to Instagram yesterday, she posted: "Naskia ati video yangu iko leaked uko telegram?🤣🤣🤣aaaaaah mnieke sasa kwa billboard abeg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"

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A few days back, Pritty Vishy defiantly hit back against critics of her weight. The influencer, 21, was trolled after a teasing photo shoot she dropped yesterday which she captioned with the suggestion that Team Mafisi are eyeing her.

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“Wanadai kunikula wanadai nimeiva...wanajifanya wapishi na hawajui kupika????,” the post read.

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One social media user burst out laughing and asked all those who had laughed at Vishy’s comment how it could be possible for someone to literary say that people want to “feast” her. “😂😂😂kama umecheka aki kuja hapa....unasemaje wanadai kunikula literally.” Another one asked Vishy to disclose the country in which those who want to eat her are located, whether Kenya or Tanzania. “Tanzania ama juu Kenya sioni” Chii Jamoh wrote.

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Other comments included: "Heri nikule kibuyu," and "Labda wakukule akili."

Now Pritty Vishy is firing back with another defiant post flaunting her plus size figure in all its glory. Wearing a pair of tight jeans and crop top flaunting her belly, Vishy called out her haters.

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"Ooooh umenona punguza mwili ....Apana nani ww punguza hio mdomo yako."
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Pritty Vishy calls out big influencers
It wasn't even 24 hours since Pritty Vishy got her Instagram verification badge, and she already had some things to get off of her chest about some of the other big Instagram influencers whom she feels despise her.

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After spending most of last night basking in the verification good news, Pritty Vishy woke up with vayolens this morning. She has taken aim at some unnamed Instagram bigwigs with a bitter long post, writing:
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