Presenter Ali Goes After Kibe's Daughter

That was fast

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 10:47 AM  | Drama

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A feud between Presenter Ali and Andrew Kibe which started last week continues to get heated as Presenter Ali has refused to back down and instead taken the battle to Kibe's doorstep.

The presenter has today posted a video on his Instagram with a lady whose face he has concealed and claimed to be Kibe's daughter. Captioning the video Ali said that it was a date night with Kibe's daughter.

The presenter has gone on offensive mode in full gear, and we certainly don't expect Kibe to back down, so seat back, relax and enjoy as we will be bringing you all the juice of his response to this drama as soon as it happens.

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So where did it all start? It all started after Kibe made a video on his Youtube criticizing Presenter Ali for buying his girlfriend a new car. Well, Ali was sure not happy with the video and in reaction he went to Kibe's inbox where he warned him about involving him in his content something Kibe did not take lightly, as he made another video firing at Ali.

Kibe shared a screenshot of back-and-forth texts between him and Presenter Ali that escalated quite quickly.

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The message thread began cordially back in December pre-Christmas as Presenter Ali suggests an interview with Kibe. Kibe gladly accepts the offer. And then, the mood suddenly changes.
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Presenter Ali texts Kibe again but this time he is far from friendly. The message is accompanied by a Will Smith-type warning for Kibe to keep Ali's name off of his mouth.

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But of course, Mr. Lambistic himself not being one to take a fight lying down fires back with a warning of his own. Check out the thread of messages below:

We are not sure how this will end but one thing we are sure of is that Kibe will not back down from this.

Kibe has been reacting to different events and conversations regarding people in the entertainment industry. He has branded himself as a fighter for the boy child, and there has been an online debate on if he should be the one to replace the late Mzee Kibor as men's conference chairman.

Just recently he was on Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's case where he accused Esther of taking advantage of Guardian for her personal gains.

In retaliation, Guardian called him a demon using a biblical analogy of a man who has been possessed by seven demons.

Other celebrities who have had it rough with the former Kiss Fm presenter are Obinna, Krg The Don and Mungai Eve.
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