[Photo] Is This Shakilla's New Man?

Na si ako na kazi aki?

By  | May 13, 2022, 10:18 AM  | Drama

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Controversial socialite and self proclaimed queen of the streets Shakilla is always known for doing the unthinkable. 

 And while she has been under the radar for quite some time now, she often pops up on her social media to remind us that she is still the one ruling the streets and honestly, we are here for all of it. 

So if you can recall, it was literally just the other day when the socialite took to her social media in a video where she was seemingly addressing her new man. 

In the video that was posted on her Instagram stories, Shakilla was seen and heard saying that she was tired of the long and equally boring talking stage of their relationship and all she was concerned about was him asking how he could please her in bed. 

Yes, you read that right. In fact, she even went on ahead to say that if he kept asking her what her favorite color was, she was going to go back to her ex instead, which can presumably mean that he knew how to get the job done. 

Well, since Shakilla had not exactly mentioned who this mystery man might be, it looks like we may have some insight after all!

This is after the queen of the streets took to her Instagram stories in a post that is leaving many of us raising our eyebrows as to whether this could be her new catch. 


Shakilla has posted the photo of a middle aged white man with no caption, no name whatsoever, and from the looks of it, it looks like she has decided to let us decide for ourselves. Any ideas on who he could be? 

While you go on to ponder on that, you will also recall that things have not been going all too well for the socialite. 

Not too long ago, she was banned from Tinder, one of the largest dating sites in the world, for having violated their community guidelines. 

This was not the first time she was landing herself in trouble for such a thing and clearly it will not be the last time. 

From her reaction, it seems she was not that bothered about it and we honestly cannot imagine the kind of trouble she is currently getting herself into. 

But that’s not all, days later, a video was leaked online that saw Shakilla withholding her ex-boyfriend's passport demanding money from him in return for his passport. 

As you can already imagine the viral clip put the 20 year old in a damning situation and all eyes were on her to see how she would react. 

Will the drama ever be over for her? 

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