Patricia Kihoro Vows To Never Work With Friend Nick Mutuma After Sexual Harassment Allegations

I will not work with him, or any other abuser.

By  | Oct 21, 2020, 05:11 AM  | Patricia Kihoro  | Drama

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‘Disconnect’ actress Patricia Kihoro has vowed to never work with Nick Mutuma following sexual harassment allegations leveled against him.

Patricia revealed that when she worked with Nick on the set of ‘Disconnect’ she didn’t know of the allegations but now that they have come to light, she has decided to cancel Nick who she has known for over 10 years.
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In her lengthy statement on Twitter, Patricia expressed regret for not speaking up against Nick as her silence showed complicity.

“My silence in this matter has been wrong, ESPECIALLY given my proximity and platforms. I do not have the luxury of sitting this out because it’s tough to address. My silence has shown complicity and has served to protect them. I could and should have done more when I knew better. I spoke to Nick on Friday last week at length. I should have done so much earlier but because I know both Koome and Nick, to varying degrees personally, I chose to slowly distance myself from the situation. This was cowardly and wrong on my part. Cowardly and wrong especially because I gave no consideration to the people actually harmed. I was wrong and I am so sorry to the survivors. I believe you and I’m sorry. And to everyone else in this community, I failed to do my part,” read a number of her tweets.

“Taking any liberties with someone’s body, without their consent is wrong. There is a powerlessness that comes with having someone with more power than you showing you that they can demand and have access to your body whether you want it or not. It’s abuse. Ignorance is not a defense here, and you don’t get to play it down with saying you were just lit or being a douchebag. There’s no excuse or defense. Once is horrible enough. You take responsibility, make it right by the person you have harmed and learn from it. But another instance after that and it becomes a pattern. This is what rape culture stems from. Power and control over someone’s body and ultimately over their peace. You cause trauma which you don’t get to brush off or sweep under the rug because it wasn’t a big deal to you. Ignorance can’t be a defense for me either. I should have made it a priority to dig deeper into this, discomfort and all, and to take a stand with those brave enough to speak. My conscience, platform and proximity demand it. Hiding behind ‘it’s not my business” was wrong,” Patricia stated.

She also decided to take some steps like ending her 10-year work relationship with Nick Mutuma. “I will not work with him, or any other abuser, and will not amplify projects that he or any other abuser is involved in, whether or not I am a part of it. We shot Disconnect before the accusations became public, but what we do now matters,” she added.
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