Pastor Kanyari Insults Betty Bayo And Her New Fiancé

When the ex moves on...

By  | Dec 04, 2020, 03:50 AM  | Drama

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Betty Bayo got engaged recently to a mystery man whom her ex husband Pastor Kanyari has disapproved of. 

The pastor (if we can still call him that) has come out to trash the “Caucasian” man who is set to marry his ex-wife. 

He claimed that the man is not white but just a light skin Kikuyu man. He also stated that the guy is divorced with two children.
In a rant, Kanayri said;

“I thought she was going to marry ‘Jesus’ after all the hateful things she said about me. “He is from Central Kenya but can’t compete with my level. He is a hungry man, that is the best way I can describe him. I can buy them lunch, only that they have not shown up.”

The pastor did not stop there, he continued;

“He is a man who left his family, a wife and two children somewhere. She did not look for Jesus, tell her to marry a holier ‘Jesus’ kind of a man so she can surprise us, not a man who has been used somewhere.”
On whether he would be attending the wedding if invited, he said;

“I can’t attend her wedding although I am invited. She should continue with her life,” 

he said.

“I came before him and at least opened some way for him. He can continue with where I left, although there were others before me.”

Kanyari, may be best described as a jealous man given that Betty just found her perfect man. She had earier given characteristics of the kind of man she would want. She said she wanted a divorcee, single father and that is exactly what she got.

Betty Bayo and pastor Kanyari have two children; but before we learnt that Kanyari was Dan’s father – the 11th hitmaker had done everything possible to keep this a secret.

During an interview with SDE Kanyari himself denied being responsible; citing that she got pregnant after publicly denying being his wife during the ‘310church scandal.’  With Kanyari denying the pregnancy in 2015 we were all convinced that he was indeed cheated on but oh well – it is life!

Two years later, they revealed that he is in deed his son. 

After her glamourous engagement, Betty has been living her best life but fans have been forced to call out Betty Bayo for risking her son’s life as seen in a new video shared by the singer on her page. From the video contents, one can clearly see a 4-year-old boy behind the wheels; and although Betty was with him for parental guidance; the video left many mums quite disappointed.
Well, the mother of two was unbothered by the comments. She is busy living her life with her new man and not even her ex husband’s taunting will dim her light.

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