Otile Brown Threatens To Sue His Trolls


By  | Jul 29, 2020, 06:59 AM  | Otile Brown  | Drama

Being a celebrity openly living life in the public eye comes with its own share of public scrutiny and opinions one might not necessarily like to hear, but most celebrities have learned the art of ignoring it unless it moves way past the limit. 

In the case of Otile Brown, it seems like he has had enough of trolls always looking to smudge his name with mud and has this time round declared he will table none of it!The light skin lad had trended for a while over couple of entanglements that ended as epic fails forcing him to hint at a possible reunion with ex, Nabayet.

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His critics will however not let him rest and have since been dragging his name in all sorts of controversies.
In turn, the RnB star has now come out to declare war on his trolls that are always craving his attention and unnecessary drama which he termed “Nonsense!” He has called out the clout chasers for assuming he is that kind of celebrity who loves it when entangled in drama but unfortunately, he will not be tolerating any of it.

 ..been letting y’all slide and now you’ cloutre getting outa hand… stop tarnishing peoples names for clout..
Photo Credit: Otile
Seems Otile is not kidding, warning of a possible lawsuit for those that pricked his skin too hard. He believes he had loosened up too much allowing critics the freedom to do as they wish but their time is up and he is ready to fight and sue whoever steps on his toes.

Photo Credit: Music In Africa