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Otile Brown is one of the best R&B singers in Kenya if not in East Africa as a whole.

His reputation in the music industry has made most established and upcoming artists yearn to work with him on a music project. This is, however, not the case with all artists.

In the recent past, we have heard or seen artists decline or swear to never work with Otile Brown for one reason to the other. Some of those artists include the following;

Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei once swore to never work with Otile Brown in any music project. The Coast-based songstress made the decision a few years ago.

Sanaipei's confession to never work with Otile came after they released their song "Chaguo La Moyo". At the time, rumors emerged in the public that she and Otile were dating.

Addressing the dating rumors, Otile claimed that it was Sanaipei who wanted to date him but he was not ready.

According to Otile, Sanaipei wanted a relationship with him when he was still dating Vera Sidika at the time.

The claim did not, however, sit well with Sanaipei who felt that the singer was spreading fake news for his own gains.

Speaking to Rashid Abdalla on Citizen TV, Sanaipei noted that Otile interfered with her reputation by exposing her to the public hence she will never do any other song with him.

"Ni kitu ambacho kimenikasirisha sana maanake ni watu tumekuja pamoja tukafanya muziki mzuri, halafu unaanza kufanya mambo mengine ambayo yanasikitisha sana," Sanaipei said.

"Jina la Sanaipei imehusishwa kwa zile vitu zinaoendelea, sijafurahia. Maanake nimekuwa kwa hii industry for 14 years haujawahi sikia scandal hata moja. Kwa hivyo kuniweka pale pamoja na watu wanaofanya kiki kwa minajili ya kujiuza, hapo sasa utakuwa umeniaharibu," she added.

The two singers later mended their differences and they have put the past behind them.  A year after Sanaipei confessed never to work with Otile, they released the song, Aiyana.

Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami is another artist that swore to never work with Otile Brown. This is after the singer threw her under the bus and accused her of producing a bad song.

Responding to a fan complaining about their song - Kolo - of being "trash, Otile distant himself from it, claiming that he had nothing to do with the song.

"Huo wimbo sio wangu jamani... alikataa niandike akasema "I want a hit song not a good song" weeh!!... Nikaeka verse yangu nikaondoka. Nilifanya kwa heshima ya Vicky pon dis tu! Wimbo ambao nina husika utaujua tu!" Otile told the fan.

He further noted that even he never liked the song and he will never want to repeat the same mistake of letting Nadia write a song for him.

Nadia did not take lightly Otile's words kindly. This forced Nadia to confront Otile and letting him know that he did the wrong thing to her by throwing her under the bus.

Otile has was later forced to apologize to Nadia claiming that he made the remarks because, at the time, he was having a bad day.

"Apologies Queen...was tricked out of my position by negative opinion... was having a bad day," Otile said.


Jovial is also had a fallout with Otile Brown in 2019. The fallout forced Jovial out of Otile's record label as well return a car that Otile bought for her.

Though Jovial never revealed the details of their fallout, she noted that she will no longer be working with Otile as she had gotten new management.

The two later reconciled and a few weeks ago they released a new song together.

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