Otile Brown Versus The Governor!

Otile's major expose about the governor

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 11:20 AM  | Drama

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There are majorly two kinds of celebrities -the ones that seem to have become celebrities mainly for the cause of bringing up controversy (read; Shakilla, Manzi Wa Kibera, etc) that live for the negative spotlight, that thrives under trolls!
Then there's the other kind -they stay extremely secretive, they tell nobody their business unless they completely have to or it's beneficial to their image, that restricts expressing themselves to the public, that prefer whatever they are working on stay t themselves, stay out of drama, don't do clapbacks and don't associate with people they don't know very well on a personal level -the likes of Tanasha Donna, Hamisa Mobetto.
Many of them stay largely unbothered with people and don't waste their time giving clout chasers what they want, unless of course -you provoke them. While they often don't talk back, sometimes it's a bit much for them and they wind up doing more than they have to protect their dignity.

This time, one celebrity that almost never gets bothered, got bothered! 
Otile Brown just clapped back at the governor to Machakos county Alfred Mutua, in response to a picture that Alfred had posted on his Instagram page. 
"dralfredmutua_officialI had a wonderful time interacting with one of Kenya’s successful and talented music artists Otile Brown. We shared jokes, aspirations and mambo ya maisha. I got to learn of his humble beginnings and his quest to do well. He is currently completing a video of his new song which features Tanzanian singer Darasa. The sky is the limit. I will support him and other Kenyan and East African artists grow and also ensure they receive their dues. As a filmmakers and supporter of the arts, I am a believer in the financial growth of artists. Btw, Otile has a very grand official sounding name with the initials: J.J.O.A. na ukitaka pia B. @otilebrown"
The governor made it clear that he was not the one who captions his pictures, for one and Otile Brown was there to expose it! 
In response to the pictures that he had put up, Otile Brown took to his Instagram stories to reveal that what the governor was alleging was not true.
"Dont try ridin on my lil wave. Im not with all that bs... we ain friends, we aint discuss nothing. You ask for a pic and that is all........ I wonder."
It seems that the beef between people in the entertainment industry and people in political seats has been increasing very steadily, Juts the other day Eric Omondi had a nasty online blowout with Ezekiel Mutua that ended up with a whole lot of money flaunting on eric's part.

The idea that Politicians now want to align with people from the entertainment industry would not be an odd one because well... the elections are almost here and someone like Otile Brown could garner a lot of notoriety. 
Otile Brown refused to take a political stance yet but has made sure everybody knew it's not with the governor. 
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