Otile Brown Accuses Khaligraph Of Being Greedy

Fight turns personal

By  | Apr 19, 2021, 10:12 AM  | Drama

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R&B singer Otile Brown has come to accuse rapper Khaligraph of being greedy and selfish.

This comes after an altercation he had with the rapper on social media over the weekend.

The disagreement comes after Khaligraph Jones took to his social media wall to asked Deputy President William Ruto to help starving Kenyans during hard times occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Kasheshe hitmaker claimed that it was only DP Ruto who could heed to Kenyans' cry and help talk to President Uhuru Kenyatta unlock the country.
Khalighraph Jones. Photo: Instagram

The idea of Khalighraph campaigning for William Ruto for free did not, however, sit well with Otile Brown.

According to Otile, there is no need for Khaligraph to campaign for free for the country's second in command if he can't stand with the ordinary Kenyans at the moment.

"But why campaign for free ... he’s vying next year .. kama awezi kusimama na wana nchi sahii..." Otile said.

Otile further noted that it is Kenyans that should decide whether Ruto deserves the presidency or not. He asked Kenyans to be careful this time around of who they elect or suffer the consequences of bad leadership.

The Dusuma hitmaker seems to has not yet put the matter to bed. On Monday, in a statement that seemed to be targeting Khalighraph, Otile noted that Kenyans are only interested in themselves and not the society at large.
Otile Brown. Photo: Instagram

He claimed that the hard economic times as turned most netizens into people of no honor.

"Nobody wants to fix the problem but their individual problems and that's the bigger problem.

"Tough times and greed as turned us into people of no honor... we don't stand for sh*, we literally sell out our own people for some change,"
he wrote on his Instagram stories.

He advised Kenyans against sacrificing the future of their children for some bribes and handouts. He urged them to do the right thing instead.

He asked Kenyans to elect leaders that solve their problems regardless of their tribes.

"Chagua viongozi wanai tatua matatizo ya taifa nzima... sio jamii fulani, kabila fulani ... Ama wale wa "pitia ofisini" he wrote.

"Wengine wetu hatuna "team" we just want the best for our country... I see some of y'all are still fans... you ain't tired of politicking yet. Sad," he added.

He further warned Kenyans against not voting, saying sitting on your votes is the worst thing they do for the country's future generation.
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