Othuol Drunk A Lot, Stopped Taking Medicine - Milele Fm’s Otoyo Speaks

He wasn't a Churchill Show employee.

By  | Oct 14, 2020, 11:12 AM  | Drama

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When Othuol Othuol passed on, there was a lot of finger-pointing at the Kenya comedy fraternity who were accused of neglecting him in his hour of need.

Things escalated to a point that Churchill was even singled out and accused of not only negligence but also sacrificing souls.

As the comments got angrier and outlandish, Milele FM presenter Otoyo has decided to come in and clear the air even at the risk of getting burned.
Otoyo (Instagram)

Speaking on Milele FM, Otoyo disclosed that Othuol has been sick for the last two years, it all started with TB then later he got a brain tumor

“Othuol has been sick for 2 years. About two years ago, he was diagnosed with TB as he had trouble breathing. Othuol was given medication for 60 days,”
Otoyo disclosed.

He then went on to reveal that Othuol wasn’t serious about taking his medicine.

“Everyone has their way of enjoying life. Othuol loved to drink and he only took the medicine for 30 days and went back to drinking. When this came to our attention, Sandra Dacha, Jalang’o and I had to sit him down to discuss his health. Since TB recovery requires food, we bought him food. So, some of these accusations are baffling as we were there for Othuol. He went back to taking his medicine but he was on and off,” Otoyo revealed.

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Since he was not getting better, HIV accusations started flying around. “People started saying that TB is associated with having HIV and he took a test which turned out negative. It was only TB. However, Othuol got worse, and anytime Othuol’s issue came up we sent Othuol money. We raised money according to our abilities. People were raising money, no one neglected Othuol. Things got worse as he has very bad migraines. An MRI at Kenyatta Hospital showed he had a brain tumor. He was stabilized and given a date for surgery and we raised money for the operation. Unfortunately, the day the surgery was scheduled doctors were on strike and when they reported back, it was too late to save him as he died just before his surgery,” the comedian shared.

He went on to disclose that unlike popular belief, Othuol was not an employee of the Churchill Show but was paid according to appearances.

Speaking on this, Otoyo said, “Othuol was not an employee of Churchill, he was paid according to appearances. That’s why he was able to work on other shows like Auntie Boss. “

“Let's not blame Othuol’s death on anyone, as friends we did out very best,”
the presenter concluded.
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