Omosh Wife’s Emotional Video

My kids need counselling!

By  | Aug 27, 2021, 10:05 AM  | Drama

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Omosh’s first wife, Mrs. Ngatia (Judy Wacuka) has narrated the current state between her and Omosh, and trust me, she had a lot to say! According to Mrs. Ngatia, things are not looking pretty between the two and she has accused Omosh of using her kids to gain fame. The first time Omosh did his interview asking for help, he said he has kids that had to be fed, but according to Mrs. Ngatia, Omosh forgot about her and the kids the minute he took in a second wife.

In a youtube interview with Hiram Maina, Mrs. Ngatia had a lot to say. She claims that Omosh completely forgot about the girls (their kids). Speaking to Hiram, she further revealed that  Omosh used to be a good husband but after the second wife came in, Omosh forgot about them. Something that she doesn’t get since she accepted that he took in a new wife, and treated her with respect.

On the interview, she is heard saying, Alioa bibi wa pili anitupe? Haji kwangu. Watoto wangu wanamiss baba yao. Nachukua simu nipigie baba yao lakini kila wakati anasema yuko busy. He doesn’t know tunapitia kitu gani. 

As much as the two separated, Mrs. Ngatia says that Omosh needs to release her. He has never gone to her parent's home to say that he doesn’t want her anymore. As far as she is concerned, she is still his wife and he needs to take full responsibility for their kids. Mrs. Ngatia says that the kids desperately need their father’s attention that they require counseling since they are normally crying asking for their father.
Mrs. Ngatia made headlines earlier this week after she appealed to well-wishers to help her build a home for her and her kids. She doesn’t understand how Omosh is living in a three-bedroom house with the first wife yet she is being thrown out of houses now and then due to lack of rent.

From the interview, the day Omosh was gifted his new home, he called Mrs. Ngatia and asked her to be present during its opening and she thought that they would all live there. Shock on her because it looks like Omosh thought otherwise. 

Mrs. Ngatia further said that every time she visits the new home, Omosh is constantly complaining asking her why she is there uninvited. According to Mrs. Ngatia, Omosh hates her yet he doesn’t want to officially divorce her. You have probably heard Omosh in an interview saying he has two wives. 

She has again,  asked Kenyans to help her build a house. She is not asking for much. All she wants is a one-bedroom mabati house to shelter her kids and grandchildren.  Omosh came forward last year to cry for help saying that he was ready to work, even if it meant earning two hundred shillings to cater for the needs of her children. Why would his wife come forward with such heavy allegations towards him? Omosh has not yet responded to any of the claims. He has tried to maintain a low profile since he moved into his new house- apart from when a video of him hosting a karaoke surfaced online a few days ago. 

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