Omari Lali Finally Charged With Tecra Muigai’s Murder

To appeal verdict

By  | Jul 14, 2020, 07:47 AM  | Omar Lali  | Drama

It has been weeks of investigations into the murder of Tecra Muigai with the first suspect, Omari Lali who also happens to be her boyfriend being on and off the wanted list. It should be remembered that the first time he was arrested, investigations were inconclusive as to whether he was really involved in his girlfriends’ murder so he was released though he was later re-arrested after further investigations into the case.

Things have taken an interesting turn after the aged man was finally charged with her murder in a Lamu court yesterday.

After being arrested ,Mr Omar awaits his arraignment at Garsen High Court  today, Tuesday, July 14th. This  follows a tweet from one of his close friends, Mohammed Shaib who shared that that the court has enough evidence to pin Omar for the murder of his girlfriend and that he is ready to take a plea today.

‘’Just came out from the court!!! Now they are saying they have enough evidence to charge Omar Lali for Muder!! Will be taking plea at Garsen High Court tomorrow. #Mungutuu#FreeOmar’’
The late Tecra breathed her last breath on Saturday, May 2 after which investigations into her murder were started. According to earlier reports, police arrested the Lamu native over suspicion that he was behind the billionaire heiress’ fatal fall.

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However, after investigations failed to give conclusive reports, Lamu Principal Magistrate, Allan Temba refused to detain Mr Omar any longer therefore letting him free on May 26, after spending 21 days locked up.

Autopsy reports from Chief Government pathologist, Johansen Oduor however indicated that Tecra had succumbed to injuries sustained on the left side of her head. The deceased’s family gave the young heiress a deserving send off on May 16, at a private event in their home in Naivasha.

Tecra and Omar Lali had been residing in a cottage in Shella town, Lamu before her fatal fall.

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