Octopizzo Addresses Ages Old Beef With Khaligraph Jones.

Died with time

By  | Aug 03, 2022, 10:02 PM  | Octopizzo  | Drama

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After a long silence in the Industry, the Kibera-born rapper Octopiizo resurfaced as he was appearing in Willy M Tuva's Mambo Mseto show on Radio Citizen, to discuss the projects he has been working on, and it is while at the show that the question about their long beef with Khaligraph Jones was asked.

Responding to that  Octopizzo made it clear that he has no beef with Khaligraph Jones or any other Kenyan artist for that matter. He went on to add that even if there used to be beef in the past, it died off with time.

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 â€œI don't have a grudge against anyone in this country. If there ever was one, I don't think it exists now. It eventually just went away on its own. You probably already know that most of the time when you don't react to something, it just goes away," he said.
Number nane even went further to hint at a possible collaboration between him and the OG. He however said that even though their relationship has not matured to the level of working on a project together, when the time comes they will certainly do. 

"It hasn't gotten there I guess. We have not reached the place where we can do a collaboration. I think the day will come when we feel like it's time,” he said.
The rapper was further questioned about their current relationship with the OG and responding to that, Octo said that they say hae whenever they meet on events but are not close enough to be calling each other and checking on each other every now and then.

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“We converse when we meet, but we don't ask each other how they are or call to check in on one another because we get along so well,” he stated.
Nonetheless, the two have in the past engaged in side shows on social media as well as releasing diss tracks to downplay each other. The drama as well involved King Kaka who also fought to win the title of the best rapper in the country. Needless to say, they are all good in their own way and style.
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In a past interview with Iko nin podcast, Khaligrapg narrated that their grudge roots to back when they were both struggling and upcoming artists when they would do street rap battles and their fans then were divided, on who between the two was a better rapper.

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This comes just a day after both rappers won awards in the just concluded East Africa Entertainment Awards where Khaligraph Jones won the best male hip hop artiste award while Octopizzo bagged the best community initiative through Octopizzo Foundation.

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