Ntalami, Makena Spotted At Adekunle Concert

Ex-lovers party amidst ugly breakup

By  | Nov 15, 2021, 05:33 AM  | Drama

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri
As Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri continue to face-off in a seemingly never-ending breakup war of words, on Instagram, the two were spotted enjoying themselves at the recently held Adekunle Gold concert.

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The concert went down this past weekend on, Saturday 13th November 2021, at the Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi, Kenya. The two ex-lovers were in attendance at the concert and they were having fun, even though things at the home front are seemingly not all that rosy.

Each of them shared a video while at the event. They both took to their Instagram stories to let fans know that they were both still living their best lives.

The two seemed to be at different ends of the ground, judging from the camera angles each one of them took the videos from.

It’s not clear whether the two met up during the event, but it’s clear that they both wanted everyone to know that they are both not letting the breakup get in the way of both of them having fun. They were each at the concert with friends.

These photos and videos posted on their stories could make one wonder a few things, firstly, were the messages subliminal attacks towards each other? Secondly, are the two just toying with fans, and are in fact still together? 

Whatever the case, their messy breakup got a bit more interesting over the weekend; when Makena admitted, through a two-part open Instagram message to Michelle, that the attention from the public spat was indeed good for them.

Makena went on to say that because of the commotion and uproar around their condition, they (the community) are noteworthy. There would be no drama if they did not force society to raise its consciousness and stand in its own truth - whatever that reality may be.

They went on to say that the attention while upsetting, is a statement in and of itself. They went on to say that the attention shows that (the community) is being noticed and heard. They went on to encourage others in the community to be outspoken in their opinions.
Makena seemed to have been irritated by Michelle airing their dirty laundry, as she closed by saying that problems between two individuals should be resolved between them, with no other people involved.
"Like every human being who is in a relationship, keep what is personal, private. It is only the two people in that relationship who will ever know the truth and no one owns any explanation in life." Makena concluded.
Do you agree with Makena's point of view? Do you believe that couples should resolve their differences between themselves? Or do you support Michelle's decision to go public with her truth? Please let us know.
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