No Longer Paradise: The End Of Daddy Owen's Marriage


By  | Dec 30, 2020, 11:02 AM  | Drama

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There is trouble in Daddy Owen’s paradise. Rumour has it that his 5 year marriage has come to a halt. Sources close to the family revealed that Daddy Owen and his wife and mother to his two kids Farida Wambui are separated.

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The source revealed,

“Farida is secretly engaged to a tycoon from Gilgil who owns a luxury hotel. Daddy Owen only got to find out she is engaged through pals. The ostentatious engagement ceremony was hosted in Naivasha.”

According to popular gossip site, Farida left her matrimonial home on the first week of December and has not returned since then.

Daddy Owen is devastated and doesn’t know what to do. The two walked down the aisle in an exclusive wedding ceremony in 2016.
An exclusive call to the family by celebrity gossip site Mpasho, revealed that Daddy Owen was caught off-guard with the news that his wife was engaged to someone else.

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The family friend said;

“As we speak, Daddy Owen fears for his life, he is in hiding. He changes cars and doesn’t sleep at the same place often.”

When asked why, the person indicated;

“For three years now, Daddy Owen has been depressed and it all came to a hilt when he was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha. The relative told him, he has just seen his wife get engaged to a rich tycoon and he was wondering what’s up? He knew his wife was away on a business trip and had no idea what that relative was talking about. He travelled to Naivasha where he tracked down the couple and found out that the man who engaged his wife is a hotelier in Gilgil.”

In a past post, Daddy Owen advised people not to be deceived by his wife’s beautiful looks because like everyone else she gets angry. According to Owen when his wife gets angry she speaks Kikuyu and when she does everything goes crazy.

In the post he said;

“Let me tell you we are laughing but when she gets angry she starts talking in Kikuyu. That is when you realize that frequencies can easily shift from Capital FM to Kameme FM so fast. When we are happy the conversations are usually in English. I speak swahili when happy and when she starts talking in Kikuyu I run.”
Owen has always been the one gashing about his wife, he would put up posts of her celebrating her beauty.

He would also be at the forefront of wanting to advise the likes of Jalang’o and and Nyashinski when they got married.

This is such sad news, yet another celeb couple bites the dust.

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