Bien Betrays Comedian Njugush

Enemy of progress

By  | Mar 21, 2021, 04:57 PM  | Njugush  | Drama

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When comedian Njugush noted that "ladies love him to death" and men cannot stomach that the fact that he is attractive, he might have been right.

That was evident when music artist Bien Barasa took a shade at his new looks instead of congratulating him for gaining some muscles.
Njugush at the gym. Photo: Courtesy

Bien's comments came after Njungush posted a picture of his new looks on Instagram showing how he had gained a few kilos.

Njugush has been put in the category of Kenyan celebrities with slim bodies, a category he shares with the likes of Eric Omondi. And gaining a few muscles for them is a big deal for them.

Taking to social media to celebrate his success, Njungush even joked about preferring to put on a vest on a sunny day just to let people see his muscles.
Comedian Njugush after gaining muscles. Photo: Instagram

"Hii jua haitoki tuvae mavest sisi?" the funny man wrote.

However, some Kenyans would not believe Njugush had gained some muscles. And one of those -people who cast their doubt was the Sauti Sol member.

"Najua umekaza hadi haga ndio hio bicep itokee 🤣🤣🤣🤣," Bien wrote.

Bien was not the only celebrity who commented on Njugush's new looks. Another unlikely person who commented was Paul Chelimo - an American track and field athlete.

"Leo umekaa mungwana sana,ona izo mkono😂😂," the athlete said.

While media personality, Jamby Koikai, who also in the "skinny association" said; "Eeeeeh wafather! Uliamua kutuacha sisi skinny association🙌."

While others like actress Catherine Kamau, cast their doubts on Njugush's appearances claiming that the comedian had photoshopped the picture. 
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