Njambi Exposes Her Cheating Husband

He is a liar

By  | Feb 06, 2021, 09:07 AM  | Drama

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2020 is turning out to be the year of break-ups. Kenyan celebrities are taking off their rings and by the time we get to the new year half of them will be single.

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The newest single girl in town is Njambi from the comedy show Real Househelps of Kawangware. Njambi who is also very open about her bisexuality shared messages from her followers, who DMed her about her husband’s infidelity.

Following the steps of Isha, the actress shared messages from her fans exposing her husband. The messages came in super fast but with little evidence.

Some of the texts read;

Njambi was not as troubled with the messages. She said she would be moving on and won’t even look back;

“Thank you loves for the receipts na tuevidence. I am shocked beyond words aki. But am not that type of woman who gets cheated on and stays. Nikiwaambia sijui marriage works, me husonga nikisonga nikiwacha kivumbi. Endeleni kutuma hizo evidence…All in all we move on regardless…Ama namna gani my friends.”

Njambi and her husband, might be ex-husband moved in together a week after they met. The actress narrated in her YouTube channel how she and hher baby daddy hooked up. 

She added;

"We started living together a week after we met. My daughter Tamara started calling him ‘Daddy’ a month after we moved in."

She also shared their first date saying;

"Our first date, he came to see me while on set and he bought me Yoghurt…and the rest is history,”
Njambi is not a shy person and she has on many occasions talked about her past relationships. She once shared of how she almost killed her ex and the woman he cheated on her with. She narrated in part;

“I was 19 from high school when a friend of mine introduced me to this guy [his cousin] and we fell in love with each other. We dated for a year and a half and then he decided to cheat on me with a girl I knew [she was a year younger than me and we were friends]. One Sunday while on our way to church, I told my dad to stop the vehicle coz I wasn’t feeling like attending the service and I got out and called my boyfriend. I called him thrice but he wasn’t picking up. When I got to his place, the gate was closed. One of my best friends called me and told me he [boyfriend] had told her I wait for him at her place. After peeping through the gate, I saw lady’s shoes outside his door. I jumped over the gate and I broke all the window of his house with my hands [I still have scars]. But even after that, the lady refused to open the door. The guy was trying to push me away but I overpowered him. I tore my dress top and remained with a bra and stockings on. I fought with him as the lady screamed telling me to stop.

I wanted to kill him, smash his head with a stone but a neighbour (a woman) came to his rescue. I then smashed the windows of the car we had hired for a road trip that Sunday. The following day I went to a clinic after my parents’ had left for work. At the health facility, I was told the wound on my nose couldn’t be stitched because it was already infected and it was cleaned. I stayed in the bedroom for two days hiding from my parents but I was shocked when my mother told me “we know what you did”. I was afraid of what my dad would do but he just told me ‘next time behave like a lady. I know you were mad but learn to handle issues. Let me never hear you’re fighting for a man again.”

Njambi advised women to not let their anger get the best of them and to just walk away from a man who cheats.

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