Wahu Catches Nameless Trying To Hit On Maureen Waititu

Sema red-handed

By  | Mar 16, 2022, 10:15 AM  | Nameless   | Drama

Nameless and Wahu
Maureen Waititu recently shared a very beautiful photo of herself and married singer Nameless couldn’t control himself as he fell for the thirst trap. This was too bad for him as his wife Wahu caught him in the act. 

Maureen, who is incredibly beautiful and voluptuous,  had clearly mesmerised the Megarider hitmaker (who can blame him though?) Nameless left a number of hands up and fire emojis to let Maureen that he was really feeling the picture. This interaction was quickly captured by Nairobi Gossip Club and shared on their Instagram Page.

They also captured his wife’s reaction. Wahu seemed to be surprised that Nameless was in Maureen’s comment section giving props to the model. She seemed to remind him that he is a father and proceeded to call him “baba Tumiso”. Wahu, however, seemed to be joking as she shared some laughing-out-loud emojis. 

Wahu went on to share her comment under the picture whereby she admitted that Maureen was indeed beautiful and she had to camp on the comment section so that her husband and father to her kids would not make another unsolicited appearance on the page.

When Maureen replied to Wahu’s comment, fans couldn’t control themselves as this interaction made them burst out laughing as most shared laughing emojis. Maureen noted that the couples’ antics had made her night that much more enjoyable.

It seems Nameless steered clear of the situation as he refrained from commenting again (who can blame him?) As the wise men say a happy wife makes a happy wife, and Nameless has been able to keep Wahu for a number of years.

So, we don’t think this small bump in the road will cause a big problem in their household. The couple married in 2005 and will mark their 18th wedding anniversary this year.

Their firstborn daughter, Tumiso, was born in August 2005, and Nyakio, their second-born daughter, was born in August 2013. These two have so often been the picture of a perfect relationship in the entertainment industry as their love has stood the test of time.

Do you think Nameless is tired of Wahu, or was he simply just having some harmless fun?  

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