Nadia Mukami Shuns Willy M Tuva

Presenter hit her with cold truth

By  | Apr 21, 2021, 07:27 AM  | Nadia Mukami  | Drama

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Pop music star Nadia Mukami has decided to give TV and radio show host, Willy M Tuva a cold shoulder.

Nadia's treatment comes after the presenter told her what to improve on in her music to become a star.

M Tuva told the Wangu hitmaker that she is not the best musician and needed to work on some aspects to be the best.

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According to the Mseto Africa host, Nadia needs to learn how to play musical instruments to become the best musician.
Willy M Tuva. Photo: Instagram

He further asked Nadia to surprise her fans by playing the instruments once she masters them.

Tuva noted that once Nadia learns and masters the musical instrument, she will not only be a great artist but also the best musician.

"Learn to play a musical instrument, master it, then one day surprise us with a performance 😊 Utakapojua kutumia ala ya muziki, utaacha kuwa tu msanii bora bali utakuwa MWANAMUZIKI bora," he said.

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Tuva's advice comes after the songstress asked her followers to advise her on anything regarding her music.

"Nishauri kitu chochote kuhusu Mziki wangu??!" Nadia asked her followers.

Nadia who replied to almost all her followers who commented on her question decided to skip the comment made by Tuva.

At the time of our publication, Nadia had not replied or liked the comment made by Tuva. This could only imply that she never liked the comment or by the time.

Despite the shun from Nadia, Will M Tuva is known as a media personality who has helped several musicians make their way into the industry. He has promoted both the musicians and their content through his radio and TV shows.
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