Nadia Embroiled In Vicious Court Case With Employee

Singer reveals details

By  | Jan 21, 2022, 02:13 PM  | Nadia Mukami  | Drama

Nadia Mukami
Popular singer Nadia Mukami has revealed details of an ongoing court case with an employee. 

Kelebrity obtained her exclusive screenshots of her Instagram Stories which she posted and deleted. The singer had noted, in her screenshots, that her employee crushed her brand new jeep. The star shared a picture of the mangled car alongside her caption.

Screenshots of Nadia's deleted story

She went on to note that she couldn’t talk much about the case as it was still ongoing in the court of law (maybe that is why she deleted the posts). 

Nadia further noted that she has a lot of money (perhaps from winning the case?) and she needs to spend it by taking herself to the “Maldives” for holiday. She went on to add that she made a lot of money in 2021 and should be on the Forbes 30 under 30.

The singer then started to talk about protecting her sanity, and why she is sometimes selfish. In her previous post, Nadia had been speaking about the same thing, noting that how she protects her heart and her sanity is by not attaching herself to anything be it work or people.

She added that she has built her space and business in a way that even if someone leaves she is able to be okay with it.

Another court case

This isn’t the first time Nadia has been involved in some court drama, the singer recently announced that she was set to head to court very soon as she felt hard done by one of her biggest career moves being questioned due to what she claims to be false allegations.

Nadia took to her Instagram stories to announce that she is set to use all of her money to fight for a cause that she believes is affecting the entire music industry, and not just her as a solo artist.

The self-proclaimed, African pop star, was furious at what she referred to as a “malicious copyright strike” against her hit song Tesa, featuring Fena Gitu and Khaligraph.

The star’s popular song was taken down from YouTube and she is understandably furious about it. She went on to point out that the strike was baseless as the song that was claiming it was released a  year after her’s.
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