Nadia Claps Back At Fan For Arrow Bwoy Comment

KaNadia kako na majibu za makanga.

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 01:43 PM  | Nadia Mukami  | Drama

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Nadia Mukami has had a busy past few weeks, from her relationship with with baby daddy Arrow Bwoy officially ending, to opening the doors of her nail bar in the middle of Nairobi.

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Understandably, these days, the Radio Love hitmaker has no time for comments about her personal life. And today she shut down a fan in her Instagram comments section who called out her romantic breakup with Arrow Bwoy.

Nadia posted a series of goofy snaps of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Ask me question? 😌☺️.”

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“Where is your baby daddy,” someone commented. Nadia was quick to clap back, writing, “hapa hapa Instagram account yake ni hii @arrowbwoy.”

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However, this fan wasn’t the only one who had a question about Nadia and her ex. “Do you still talk with arrow?,” someone asked, while another commented, “Yaani arrow akaacha hii mali safi hivi.”

Story of a breakup
Last December, singer Nadia Mukami finally broke the silence after revealing that she broke up with her baby daddy Arrow Bwoy a long time ago. Taking to her Instagram stories Nadia has refuted claims that she is clout chasing, she has stated that she does not need to clout chase as she is already an established artiste.

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"I don't need to clout chase, I'm already an established artiste," said mama Kai.

Many have thought that her announcement about their breakout was clout chasing for their songs as Kenyans are used to artists pulling such stunts to promote their music.
Nadia and Arrow Bwoy have been together for a while and have a son Kai who recently turned eight months for whom they sang 'Kai Wangu'. Nadia broke the internet in the morning with the devastating news and their fans are still in disbelief.

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Fans of the power couple were met with shocking news yesterday after Nadia announced on her social media that the two went their separate ways a while ago. 

Nadia has said that she has already gotten tired of lying to people who have been trying to book them as a couple and clarified that the two went their separate ways, so whoever wants to book Arrow Bwoy should just reach out to his management.

"Just to clarify to the guys trying to book Arrow Bwoy and me, I have run out of lies we have not been together for a while. We broke up kindly contact individual management for bookings," she wrote.

This comes just weeks after Arrow Bwoy released a song expressing his fears on whether his relationship with Nadia will stand the test of time.

In his hit called Daraja, Arrow Bwoy expressed the fears that his relationship might also suffer the same fate as several other personalities and big names he has sampled in the song.
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