Jamal Gadaffi's Controversial Statement On Nadia Mukami

He disagrees with her claims

By  | Mar 03, 2021, 10:26 AM  | Nadia Mukami  | Drama

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Media personality Jamal Gaddafi stated that singer Nadia Mukami is the best songwriter in East Africa, not just Kenya.

His sentiments come after Nadia told fans she sees herself as the best songwriter in Kenya. Jamal told the singer that she has no competition when it comes to penning down catchy tunes.

"I honestly think Nadia Mukami is the best East African Songwriter of this generation. This lady is so talented," Jamal said.

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A section of his fans also agreed with his remarks but others differed and named talented RnB singers from East Africa who they think could give Nadia a run for her money.

Nadia sparked a heated debate on social media after crowning herself as the best songwriter of this generation.

The Maombi hitmaker, called for the introduction of the category of Songwriter of the Year in awards, affirming that there is a need to shift the focus on people who push the pen in the music industry.

“I am the Best Songwriter/ Lyricist of this Generation!! Why Don't we have a songwriter of the Year in Awards!!? We need to shift Focus to The Power of the Pen!!?” she asked.

“I am happy to have sparked a Conversation on Songwriting! Am trending, Am calling upon all Award Shows to have a Category on Songwriter of the Year! Do you know that so many Songwriters are Not even Singers!! Let’s create a Norm of appreciating them!! Tag all award shows!!!” the Kolo singer added.

Fans engaged in the debate with some agreeing with Ms Mukami’s statements while others differed arguing that they are not consumers of her music.

Jamal was also part of the debate but he also posted a list of his top 4 female artists in the country naming Tanasha Donna, Nadia Mukami, Femi One and Jovial as the Queens of Kenyan music.

Jamal was previously rumoured to be dating Tanasha but he clarified the accusations saying the two only had a working relationship.

Rumours started swirling after Tanasha broke up with Diamond Platnumz and on the same weekend she posted photos that heavily feature Jamal.

But Jamal denied that there are any chances that the two are warming to each other. “We are not dating. Tanasha is a good friend, not a girlfriend,” he told a local publication.

Gaddafi had accused Diamond of heavily promoting Zuchu, in a quest to sabotage Tanasha Donna. He alleged that Platnumz was working hard to undermine the Kenyan singer.

“…Mondi anatumia force nyingi sana kwa Zuchu, ili amfunike mzazi mwenziwe…unaona live tu Diamond anavyo msukuma Zuchu sio kawaida tu ni sababu tu ya Tanasha, kutaka kuwalingnisha hao wawili. Lakini mimi naona kibiashara ni sawa, lakini end of the day ni mzazi mwenzake, asingempa hard time,” Jamal said.

He went on to explain that although he liked Zuchu's music his sentiments were due to the Tanzanian singer using Tanasha's style for her song Cheche.

However, fans argued against his remarks saying if Diamond wanted to Sabotage Tanasha’s music career he would not have collaborated with her for their hit song Gere which has over 23 million views on Youtube.
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