Churchill Is Disgusted By Ugly K24 Firing Saga

That's unprofessional

By  | Jun 25, 2020, 09:38 AM  | Mwalimu Churchill  | Drama

By now, we all know about the recent mass firings at Mediamax television k24 that took everyone by storm since many didn’t see it coming, but also the manner in which some of them were conducted has still got people talking about how disgusting, unprofessional and inconsiderate it was.

The company decided to fire employees via text message, an act that was really disturbing to the recipients. One person only known as Mr Wandera even took to social media to share the sort of text message he received.
Photo Credit: Wandera
The incident painted such a vague and messy picture of the media network for its lack of professionalism.

In the same regard, popular entertainer , Mwalimu Churchill expressed total disgust from the Mediamax conglomerate. He considered this insensitive of the media house, stating that such texts might not only come as a shock to employees but who knows, people might get into serious accidents.

Publicly declaring his preference, the comedian articulated that he´d rather his employer takes him out, wait for him to get high then he/she can break the news.
‘’The day you decide to fire me, don´t send me an SMS, I can even be driving or doing something that might cause an accident. Let´s get this straight, you don´t do that sh*t to me. Call me for a drink and when I am high, drop the news. Some things can kill you.’’
Sharing their opinion on the same, his Classic 105 co-host Maina Kageni questioned the kind of treatment the TV journalists had been given after years of serving tirelessly at the media station.
‘’Shame on you, how can you do that? How can you ask someone to meet you at a certain hotel and then drop such news?’’ 
This was during their Live show that they hosted last evening on Classic 105.

Photo Credit: Ghafla