Mungai Eve Reacts To A Fan Who Tattoed Her Face In His Chest

Huyo ni mimi kweli?

By  | Apr 02, 2023, 10:48 AM  | Drama

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A man yesterday hit the headlines after revealing that he had tattoed his favorite celebrity Mungai Eve's face on his chest. The image quickly gathered public attention with many people arguing that the image was not in any way resembling Mungai Eve.

That notwithstanding the content creator reacted to the story after it was posted by Nairobi gossip. She also wondered whether that is how she really looks as she was commenting on the story. Nonetheless, she was appreciative of the love the fan had shown toward her.

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The fan in his post said that what prompted him to have Mungai Eve's face drawn on his chest was his love for her adding that he does not regret and will never regret the decision. Would you have a tattoo of your favorite celebrity?

Well, this is not the first time a fan has tattoed their favorite celebrities' names or faces on their body, Not too long ago another lady by the name of Lemarke also inked Azziad's name on her neck to express her love and admiration for the content creator

Another lady by the name of Lizah Njeri had Willy Paul's name tattooed on her chest also as a sign of her love for Willy Paul. Otile Brown and Diana Marua are other celebrities who have been imprinted on their fan's bodies.

Welcome to the Mungai Eve Show! Most of you know her from the hundreds of great interviews she does with Kenyan celebrities. Her popular YouTube channel has gained over 500,000 followers and amassed close to 100 million views since 2020.

With that rapid rise in the online content creation space, of course she's the number one online TV show.

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Most fans love her for her knack for getting access to celebrities at the right time, and asking the right questions at the right time. It may also have to do with how she does not impose herself on the interviews and let's her celebrity guests speak their mind uninterrupted.

It helps that she has charisma galore and a girl-next-door vibe that makes her relatable to both viewers and her celebrity interviewees.

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Eve's star has been rising and rising and she's even starting to effect the urban culture herself. It is from her interview of Stevo Simple Boy where the term Freshi Barida was birthed and became the newest slang term in town.

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The meme featuring Eve and Stevo went viral on TikTok for days. Stevo went on to sample a snippet of Eve's voice from the interview in the hit song Freshi Barida.

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