Mungai Eve Joins List Of Celebrities Watching World Cup In Qatar

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By  | Nov 25, 2022, 09:40 AM  | Drama

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Content Creator and influencer Mungai Eve have made it to travel to Qatar for the world cup.

The content creator spoke before her departure saying that her travel was courtesy of a betting company and that they were tagging along other influencers and winners.

Eve was traveling with Jackie Vike popularly known as Awinja and content creator Jemo Ule Msee. The influencer has been working with the company and was lucky to have been selected among the first group to be traveling.

It has been a good year for Mungai Eve, from getting an invite to attend the Wakanda Premiere Launch to interviewing Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan. Eve recently had a sit with the president's daughter June Ruto.

She has expressed her gratitude to her fans for their huge support. Her following has increased which has put her at an advantage to get noticed by brands.

How she make money
Digital content creator Mungai Eve cannot believe the journey she has had to walk in her career to the level she has come to so far. Taking to her Instagram on a throwback Thursday, the content creator was so full of gratitude as she posted a throwback screenshot of her YouTube channel when it only had 121 subscribers. Just so you know the channel now has more than 640 000 subscribers.

She could not forget to recognize her boyfriend Director Trevor who has been with her since they started the channel to date. The content creator then encouraged anyone who is starting something to keep at it and trust the process and with time they will start reaping the fruits. 

"I was going through my archives and came across this🥹, this was Mungai eve channel in October 2020, seeing the far God has brought me and 
@director_trevor all I can say is God is so faithful! To anyone doing something right now trust the process, never give up always push harder and never be afraid to take risks! A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR BELIEVING IN MUNGAI EVE BRAND AND SUPPORTING US SINCE DAY ONE🥹🥹 I wish I can HUG all of you! 

May the lord fulfill all your dreams Nawapenda sana.To our amazing director @director_trevor always know you are appreciated and thank you so much for always ensuring we’re giving out great content 🥹♥️" She said.

Eve and Trevor's story is a perfect example of grass to grace. Their rise however has not been without setbacks from online trolls to being bullied by netizens.

For instance, a few weeks ago, Mungai and Trevor went online to share photos of their holiday where they were marketing Bonfire Adventures. As some fans were getting excited over the intimate photos of the two, others were busy checking out the haves, and the haves not of the cute content creator.

Well if you have followed Mungai Eve long enough by now you know that she does not tolerate negative comments from people and this time she was ready with a savage response to her bullies.

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