Mulamwa’s And 5 Other Relationships That Have Seen Premium Tears This Week

Tough week

By  | Oct 09, 2020, 11:06 AM  | Drama

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For a long time, Kenyans have joked that glorified, social media-blotted, lovey-dovey relationships are just a day away from premium tears.

Well, it seems the prophecy is coming true.

This week alone had a lot of heartbreaks from celebrities, with Size 8 and DJ Mo topping the list.

A lot has happened this week on relationships. So much. But Kelebrity has managed to compile the most viral ones just to prove it has been a tough week In the bedroom for Kenyan celeb couples.

1. Size 8 and DJ Mo

Everyone is familiar with this. In case you aren't, you should read Kelebrity more.

DJ Mo allegedly cheated and now Size 8 will be fasting for three straight days to ensure he doesn't do it again.

2. Mulamwa and Sonnie
Comedian Mulamwa and long-time girlfriend Sonnie are no longer together but it's not yet clear why. On Instagram, Mulamwa penned a long letter saying goodbye to his lover.

3. Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol
Fresh of their honeymoon, it seems Tanzanian singer Ben Pol and rich kid Anerlisa aren't going to be the power couple many thought they'd be.

Less than a year since falling in love, the two are already having serious fights to a point Anerlisa is now confessing publicly.

4. Samido and Karen Nyamu

Word on the street has it that the two are dating. Samido has a family and has constantly and vehemently denied dating the politician, who allegedly came out to claim she's carrying his child during a baby shower this week.

5. Jackie Maribe and Eric Omondi/Jowie Irungu

Jackie has done a lot of talking this week.

First, she claimed Omondi was cheating on her while she was pregnant. Then she went for Jowie saying she doesn't know him or care about him. Jowie fired back saying she cheated on him.

6. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown/ Brown Mauzo/ Amber Ray

Interestingly enough, Vera isn't being the drama queen this time around. It's the Browns making waves.

Mauzo was exposed for allegedly neglecting a wife and his kid for Vee, and hiding this info from her.

Amber Ray -- Mauzo's ex-- wasn't happy with how Sidika snatched Mauzo from him. She took to Instagram to curse them out. 

And finally, Otile, well, might be missing Vera Sidika in a way. He was on social media to send a very cryptic message, congratulating Mauzo for dating Sidika. 

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