Meet the hot lady Mr. Seed cheated with (Photos)

The side chick

By  | May 04, 2021, 01:45 PM  | Mr Seed  | Drama

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There is no doubt that Somali girls are beautiful. With every celebrity cheating scandal, you will always find that the side chick is either a Somali or an Ethiopian. Well, in most cases. These ladies are doing a great job attracting Kenyan men, I must say, especially the ones in the ‘gospel’ industry. 

One Swabreena reached out to Edgar Obare to claim that Gospel artist Mr. Seed got her pregnant. After the gospel artist impregnated her, the lady claimed he wanted her to have an abortion, to which that failed. She is not for the idea because he feels like she will be putting her life in danger if she tries to have an abortion.
So, is it safe to say that Mr. Seed's baby number two, is on the way?- if it’s his, that is. 

Swabreena reached out to Edgar to help her make the singer take responsibility for his actions.

Here are a few photos of Swabreena.
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