Moya David Limousine Surprise To Grade 1 Student Breaks The Internet (VIDEO)


By  | Nov 24, 2022, 02:13 PM  | Drama

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Famous Tiktok dancer Moya David has left everyone talking after pulling a surprise for a student who had graduated to grade 1  having been contracted by the mother. In the video that the content creator has posted on his Tiktok and Instagram, Moya pulls up in a Limousine and does his magic entertaining the kid. He goes further to gift the rest of the kids some chocolate and later boards the limousine together with the kid and takes off.

"Her Mummy sent me to surprise her 5 year old Boy who just graduated to Grade 1 and later he was picked up with a limousine for a treat and they made sure he din't step on the mud This is a VVIP Surprise! That's moya for you🥰 Message from mummy, Kiprono you have made us proud...cheers to many more graduations..we love you baby," he posted

Kenyans have been left talking about that with many saying their parents could not have pulled such a surprise let alone think of it. 

Wueeh hawa parents 🔥wa Gen z pia sio wachache they are doing the most …. Coz our parents would neva 


The pressure is getting..weuh acha nimpumzike am coming to finish this statement cause weuh ..


Graduation ya university nayo itakiwa aje? Mnatufanya tunakaa bad parents bana....


Aky Mungu wewe mimi nimegraduate university hata bila someone to offer a flower and no one in attendance 😂😂😂alafu hapa KA HOT SURPRISE NA KA LIMO...i love this though treat your kids and make them happy as if tommorow doesn't exist congrats kip...
The content creator started out in 2018 as a dancer before he opened his Tiktok account in 2019. Things were not going well financially for him, especially with the coming of Covid 19. 

He adds that his content was initially not based on surprising people in the streets in that manner, but rather using some Karate moves he used to conduct with a fellow Tiktoker Lit Boy.

He revealed to Obinna in a past interview that the two abandoned the tactic as they were once ambushed by Maasai men as they tried to create content using their butchery. 

His new content has however grown to see him garner 2.5 million followers on TikTok. making him the second most followed Kenyan on the platform.

 This has seen countless ladies thirsting for him on social media others even making fun by saying they would leave their spouses for the content creator. 

As much as his content has given so many people something to smile about, Moya says it is still not easy especially when it comes to reuniting couples who have not been on good terms. 

He said this while narrating to Obinna the first time he tried to reunite a couple that was not on good terms. Moya says the lady almost fell for him instead of reuniting with his boyfriend. 

For that reason, he said his charges for people who are conflicting are higher compared to these other ordinary surprises. 

When asked what he would tell young creators, Moya encouraged them to explore their talents and go for what they believe in regardless. 

Aside from doing the surprises Moya also runs a dance academy, where he trains young people to dance.
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