Mishi Dorah Claps Back At Shakilla

"Umekula mb*** mingi kuzidi miaka yako."

By  | Aug 02, 2022, 04:51 PM  | Drama

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Mishi Dorah doesn’t have time for haters. She has a court case to deal with after all.

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The Nairobi Diaries alum has been getting sympathy and support from fellow socialites like Pendo who rallied to raise money for her bail after her arrest, but it seems not everyone’s a fan.

Earlier today, Shakilla linked up with comedian Eric Omondi on his new talk show which he hosted as his persona Divalicious, where she decided to share her opinion about Mishi Dorah’s style or lack there of.

"Mishi Dorah is not among us... stop mentioning cockroaches in this show. Who is Mishi Dorah? Why are you mentioning her here? She's everything bad- from her make up, her hair, her talk, her looks, her shadow- is bad. Yeah! And she's gone, we left her. We're on the currents. We're on Amber Rays, we're in Shakillas, we're in Divalicious. So f**k it, let's continue with something else other than those cockroaches."

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However, the veteran Mishi, who has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Pendo as well as online trolls, has responded with a warning to the younger socialite Shakilla, “Don't start what you cannot finish... Remember that you cannot teach an old cat how to dance.”

Responding to Shakilla's calling her a cockroach, Mishi embraced the jibe used it to show her resilience and survival skills. “Ever seen how cockroaches walk in microwaves or ovens when they are on like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego?? Be very careful with this insect.. it's small but mighty.. it can survive anything and anywhere,” she wrote in a post on her Instagram stories.

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Mishi also shared a video by one of her friends who goes by the name The Real Arab Princess. In the video, the lady goes in bareknuckled on Shakilla, accusing her of being a classless prostitute. “Mkiskia hiki kimalaya kitoto Shakilla kinavyo ongea sh*t, kwa kuwa amejifundisha kizungu kwenye movie. Skuli hukuenda mama. Wazazi wanalia, rudi nyumbani. Streets, streets, streets for who? Kuma tambare imechakaa- umekula mboro nyingi zaidi ya miaka yako. Wewe ni wa kumuita Mishi cockroach? Cockroach aeza survive nuclear bomb my friend. Wewe umefukuzwa apartment Kilimani.”

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Haters say I was evicted- Shakilla
Shakilla recently dished on her love life. The self-proclaimed queen of the streets divulged that she is currently dating several men because one man can't meet all her needs.

Speaking during a recent interview with Eve Mungai, the 20-year-old lass noted that the more men a lady has the better. "I'm in many relationships. Imagine if one guy makes  you happy how will like ten guys make you? Have you ever thought about that?" she posed.

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She also responded to claims that she had been evicted from her apartment in Kilimani after she failed to pay her rent. According to Shakilla, the video that went viral on social media was old and was a ploy by her detractors to soil her name.
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