Miracle Baby Accused Of Being Gay (Video)

Four baby mamas but still not straight

By  | Jan 10, 2021, 09:12 AM  | Drama

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Miracle Baby claims to be a father of four and has four different baby mamas. The artist said in an interview with a local radio station, Miracle Baby said he cannot settle down with just one woman because he wants 17 children. 

After this revelation Exray from Boondocks reacted to it with revelations of his own. It is important to note that these two genge tone artists have been beefing for the longest time. 

Exray replied with a video claiming that Miracle Baby is not straight. He alleged that the singer may be a father to four kids but he is a homosexual. He also claimed to have the evidence of Miacle Baby and his boyfriend.

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The video shared by popular gossip site showed Extray claim;
The drama did not end there, Exray has been accusing Miracle Baby for being gay for the longest time. Fans got tired of this whole drama and have been hitting at Exray for being too invested in Miracle Baby’s life.

Some fans went on to accuse Exray of being the gay one as he is too homophobic.

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Well Miracle Baby is above all that. He has been working really hard to get where he is. Before joining music, the talented artist was a street boy. Miracle Baby then moved to work as a morgue attendant. 

According to Miracle Baby, he has managed to rise to the top through hard work and persistence. Aside from his booming music career, the star is also a television presenter in a vernacular TV station.

Miracle Baby in a previous interview said;

"I have many kids, four to be precise. Three are mine and one is adopted, I woke up and found him placed on a basin outside my house. I don’t know the mother but there is a way he resembles me. I am not sure how old he was when he was dropped outside my door."

The artist is also in a relationship with a lady he said he prayed for. 

"One day I was walking from the shops and a passing car splashed water at me. So I insulted them. When the window was lowered down I started stammering and apologised as it was a lady in it. We then exchanged numbers and the rest is history."

The two have not tied the knot as they are still getting to know each other.

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