How Milly Chebby's One-Armed Bro Fought 5 Robbers, And Won

He cheated death.

By  | Aug 05, 2022, 08:45 AM  | Milly Chebby  | Drama

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Instagram influencer Milly Chebby has shared a horrific yet heroic story of how her disabled brother was raided by thugs in his hotel room. They stabbed, robbed, tied him up and left him to bleed to death. But not before he gave them a good fight.

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Chebby said that her brother was in Nakuru when the incident happened. The video that Chebby shared on her social media, detailed the incident:

"Around 1.30 to 2am, akaskia tu wrangles kwa mlango, the next thing alijipata ako chini. Watu wako na manyundo, tarimbo, and a very sharp knife. My bro fought with those guys."

She also says that it was an inside job as the hotel's receptionist arranged for the raid as she came in with the thugs. The receptionist had earlier tried to trick Chebby's bro into leaving the hotel at night under the pretense that the hotel watchman needed to be rushed to the hospital.

"Listen, these guys came in with the receptionist. By the way waling'ang'ana sana. They almost took his life."

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Even more impressive in the whole story is that Chebby noted her brother's disability. "My bro, point to note, anakuwanga abled-differently. So yeye hukuwa na one hand. He fought with one hand! Five thugs came in and fought my brother so badly. After they beat him wakamfunga na makamba kwa choo."

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending as Milly's brother miraculously survived. "Finally he managed kujifungua. Thank God blood yake hukuwa mob sana. He managed to fight until 5am when he managed to get free and he was rushed to the hospital. Aliingia theatre, he's doing so much better."

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The robbers stole all of Chebby's brother possessions including cash and his clothes.

Watch the full video below:

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Notorious Nax
Nakuru has been a hotspot for crime the last few years, and has only recently gained national attention after some horrific stories came to light from that city.

Other celebrities have also been caught up in the city's notoriety. In late 2020, DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 were nearly victims of a highway robbery along the Nakuru-Nairobi road. DJ Mo, Size 8 and their kids escaped death by a whisker while diving back to the city along that road. DJ Mo shared that robbers ambushed them near Kinungi, pelting stones at his car but he didn’t stop.

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"God is faithful at all times. Be warned !!! Those who use Nakuru - Nairobi Highway, listen, if anything happens to you at kinungi especially at night, NEVER EVER STOP. Have heard several cases and jana it happened to us..."

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