Michelle Ntalami Goes After Makena Njeri’s Girlfriend

Hurting is an understatement

By  | Feb 15, 2022, 08:12 AM  | Drama

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri
Yesterday was Valentine's day and it seems as if it wasn’t a happy day for everyone. Michelle Ntalami revealed that the day was a tough one for her.

The star made the revelation on her Instagram Stories. She shared a bunch of broken-hearted emojis and noted that the day of love was indeed very tough for her.

Before we could start deciphering the cryptic post she went ahead to share the reason why she was having a difficult time on an otherwise, lovely day of the year. Michelle shared a text post with her followers highlighting what was irking her.

She noted that she was hurt because she was beside herself wondering how someone (Makena Njeri’s new girlfriend) could live happily knowing they caused another (Michelle Ntalami) a lot of pain.

The Marini Naturals CEO went on to add that the pain that was caused was that of her relationship (with Makena Njeri) being destroyed. Michelle noted that even though something wrong had been done to her she is sure that karma will play its part in avenging her.

Michelle went on to give other scorned lovers advice on the best way to deal with such pain. She encouraged them to know their worth, walk away, focus on healing, and leave the rest to God. 

Michelle’s rant came a few hours after Makena Njeri and their girlfriend shared a video of themselves in domestic bliss. Makena’s alleged girlfriend goes by the name They call me Daktari on Instagram.

In her stories, she shared a video of Makena Njeri in her house doing something only lovers would do for each other. Makena was filmed scooping up cat poop from They call me Daktari's kitchen counter. 

They call me Daktari then captioned the video noting that she lives with cats and that what Makena was doing was, “love in action”. If this isn’t enough for you to believe They call me Daktari is Makena’s boo, then Michelle’s open letter when the two publicly broke up should rest some of your doubts.

When Michelle and Makena broke up, Michelle took to her Instagram to post a three-part open letter noting that Makena had cheated on her with 2 people. She noted that one of the people was a public figure (maybe Kaz Karen Lucas) and the other one was a doctor. It just so happens that They call me Daktari is a doctor. Do you think she is the one who cheated with Makena on Michelle? 

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