Mejja Accused of Allegedly Conning Someone

Watu roho chafu

By  | Nov 13, 2020, 08:38 AM  | Drama

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The ‘tumbler King’ Mejja has been forced to come out and respond to accusations against him by a local podcaster. The young man who runs a podcast called MtandaoVersity, accuses the Genge artists of conning him money.

It is alleged that the singer asked for Ksh 12,000 in order to be a guest for the podcast. Mtandao Versity claims that the singer demanded an extra Ksh 1,500 for internet bundles in order for them to interview him.

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The young man says he paid the amounts but the singer never showed up. The podcaster threw jibes at Mejja and labeled the genge star as “arrogant, a liar, opportunistic, naïve and a disrespectful person”.

Mejja has responded to the claims in an Instagram post.

He has denied the claims of him obtaining money from the site on the account that he does not even charge any money for music collabos let alone for interviews.

He branded the podcaster as an opportunist and a clout chaser. The very angry Kansoul member issued a warning to his fans not to fall prey to the false claims and advised them to be wary of fake accounts making rounds using his name as he is only available on Instagram and not on Facebook, Snapchat or Tiktok.

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