Actresses Awinja And Wilbroda Reveal Why They Don’t Share Their Kid’s Faces On Social media And Probably Why Should Stop Too

Had to stop

By  | Aug 14, 2020, 08:05 AM  | MC Jessy  | Drama

Comedians Jacky Vike aka Awinja and Jacqueline Nyaminde popularly know as Wilbroda who are famous from the program “Papa Shirandula” which airs on Citizen TV recently opened up on why they stopped showing their kid’s faces on social media. 
The two actresses appeared on the "Jessy Junction" hosted by fellow comedian MC Jessy and spoke about different topics including Papa Shirandula’s death. 
Awinja and Wilbroda explained why they stopped posting the kids now that they have millions of fans online who are always begging to see their families. 
“For me nafeel nikiintroduce mtoi wangu mapema sana before he actually knows it I have to get his permission to post his picture. He has to say yeah post this. But unaona wazazi wengi hupost tu picha ya mtoto wake na unapata that there is some pictures zitakuja kuaffect huyu mtoto baadae,” said Wilbroda. 
At first, Wilbroda always shared photos of her son and even updated her fans on how her family is doing regularly. This, however, had to stop after her son started getting bullied online.
Wilbroda. Photo: Pulselive
“They picked that photo and you know he was very young and you find people asking wapi babake, huyu mtoto anakaa hivi and I told myself I’ll never put my child through that. Wacha siku zile atafeel sasa mimi ni mtu mzima naweza jipostia ajipost. People are evil out here, not everybody will feel the same way you feel about your child,” added Wilbroda.
Awinja also had to avoid social media for some time and completely stopped posting her kid after Kenyans started attacking and mocking her family. 
Huyu ni mtoto hata hajakosea mtu alafu watu wanamwambia ni mugly and then again I’m looking at it from ile point ya fine hatajua but sidhani naweza kuwa na ile patience ya kutolerate such juu naweza kutukana so na avoid sana vitu kama hizo. I’ve gotten those things, when I was pregnant niliwekelewa watu kama wanane mpaka MCA wa kwetu ushago sijawai jua anaexist. Mpaka kulikuwa na wochi hapo,” said Awinja. 

Cover Image: Instagram/MC Jessy