Mark Maasai On Who Is To Be Blamed For His Unfair Firing From NTV

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By  | Dec 07, 2022, 02:07 PM  | Drama

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Ex-NTV news presenter Mark Maasai has finally spoken about his unfair firing at Nation Media Group after working at the company for 14 years.

Mark announced on Twitter that he had left the company, the news was not received well by Kenyans on Twitter and many went after the company saying that his firing was unreasonable.

Today Mark hinted that he had a problem with the company's Human Resource Officer. Taking to his socials Mark posted:

" Let's face it, a conversation needs to be had about HR & how operations can be managed better. Watch this space...Today"

Kenyans on Twitter quickly engaged in his conversations saying:

Patriotic Kenyan: Waiting for that topic. By the way, if you collaborate with @dennisokarior any other like-minded individuals and come up with a digital media most Kenyans would switch to your content because the current mainstream media broadcast half-baked news

Allan The Great: If Nation Media Group has the worst HR department in corporate Kenya, blasting them here won't add any value to you. If I were you, I would be re-packaging my brand and image to potential employers or informing the world on your next move where you can capitalize on. NTV wachana nao

Mark was later followed by Okari.

Mixed Reactions Over Mark Maasai's Termination After 14 Years At NTV
Mixed reactions have erupted on Twitter after top NTV journalist Mark Maasai shared the news that he had left the media house after 14 years.

Mark joined NTV in 2008 and through the years he has risen through the ranks to be among the best, his announcement came barely three days after Nation Media announced that they were planning on restructuring the company, therefore, heading to a massive layoff. 

"Regrettably, this refocus will result in a reorganization of our workforce. This is an extremely difficult decision given the prevailing business environment. This exercise will be carried out with utmost dignity and in accordance with the Labour Laws of Kenya. We will strive to provide all the necessary support to help those affected to manage the transition." Read the notice circulating on social media.

Mark shared the devastating news on Twitter he said:
"NTV is a great team! These are different times. Was a great show. Time for short a commercial break. I'll be back!" However, it is not clear whether he was fired or he had resigned. 

Tweeps have gone wild saying that Mark was talented and that he did not deserve that. Many have prayed that he gets hired by international media houses like BBC and CNN like Larry Madowo.

Lazarus: Loyalty will always get you(Fired). When everyone else left for other media houses, Mark Masai stayed put at NTV, a Loyal servant since 2008. Yesterday man was fired. I hope to see you Huko BBC or CNN like Larry Madowo they appreciate talent when they see one.

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