Manzi Wa Kibera And Bae Fight Over Amber Ray

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By  | Apr 30, 2022, 11:15 AM  | Drama

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Upcoming socialite and social media sensation Manzi Wa Kibera is making headlines yet again, after she and her rumored boyfriend Chali wa Kibera were caught having an online embroilment over the one and only Amber Ray. 

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This is not the first time Amber Ray is causing tremors in other people’s relationships and it seems it will not be the last. 

It all started when Manzi wa Kibera took to her Instagram to recall an interview she had not too long ago where she took a swipe at all the ladies who thought that they could steal Chali wa Kibera from her. 

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The socialite maintained that the only person Chali wa Kibera is working with right now is her and that all he is doing with the other ladies is simply taking advantage of them. 

Watching the interview, one might actually think that she is warning off side chics from her boyfriend and not her manager. 

After she shared the video tagging her manager as well, she warned him too saying that he should keep her warning in mind even if they are not dating right now. 

In response, Chali wa Kibera took to his Insta stories to comment saying that he and the socialite were never going to break up and that if they did, Amber Ray would be her replacement seeing that he has been crushing on Amber Ray for quite some time now. 


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It even became more dramatic when Manzi Wa Kibera reposted his response saying that she did not care at all whether her manager did in fact want to have Amber Ray all to himself. 

The nature of their relationship is really confusing and one cannot tell whether or not this was a fight between a jealous girlfriend and her boyfriend or between a manager and his client. 

Surely, we can only hope that he is not also managing her social media accounts because then they would have played us for fools. 

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The other time the serial clout chaser was making headlines was after she took to her social media to express her displeasure at how other upcoming socialites were using her tagline “Manzi wa…” as a means to also become known and famous on social media. 

This of course was a direct hit at socialites like Manzi wa TRM and Manzi wa Kisii who have also been hogging headlines for the unthinkable. 

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She wrote saying, “I am the only socialite in kenya, East Africa, Africa, and the whole world to ever come up with a name that other people copied.Mimi ndio mama yao nawa nyonyesha na nawavalisha pampers. I started the manziwa slogan and am happy to see my fellow girls using it.Kuna wenye awakua wanajulikana ata na jirani zao kuna mpaka wenye wame pata kazi juu tuu ya kuji ita manziwa,kubali ukatae it is the truth”. 

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