This Is Mammito's Tough Message To Women Flocking To Edgar Obare To Embarrass Men

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By  | Oct 08, 2020, 06:39 AM  | Mammito  | Drama

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Comedienne Mammito isn’t Impressed by ladies sneaking to Edgar Obare’s Instagram inbox to expose men. 
For months now Obare has been the master of sizzling gossip in Kenya thanks to a large number of women who hit his DM with tea that ends up exposing prominent men, who, are normally married. 
Mammito urged women to focus on more productive things than just gossip. 
"If ladies used the same skill to fight corruption, by reporting corrupt leaders to Edgar Obare, right now we would have electrical trains," Mammito said in a video posted on Instagram. 
“That's how far we can go. We would be like "Hi Edgar he sent me Sh200,000 for my hair but I didn't take it 'cause it is CDF money. Let's use that energy to build a nation not destroy marriages.”
She added: 
“If Edgar Obare was during King Solomon's era, we would be reading the bible via screenshots.” 
Her words come after a flurry of exposes from the controversial blogger who has been on a damaging spree that has seen popular married guys like Jalang’o, DJ MO and many others get exposed for cheating on their spouses. 

Cover Image: Instagram/Mammito

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