Mama Olive Gets Raided At Home [Scary Photos]

The influencer was left shaking.

By  | Jun 24, 2022, 12:17 PM  | Drama

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Instagram influencer and photographer Tatiana Karanja, popularly known by her online moniker Mama Olive shared a harrowing incident of how she was raided at her home by the government.

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In a series of shocking posts on her Instagram stories, Mama Olive live shared the raid by KPLC agents and armed police in real time, as it happened. She started with a selfie picture of herself looking distraught, and clearly having done some crying. The post said;

"I went through something really kind of traumatic yesterday. Traumatic because I was so scared and I had my baby in my arms. This was me trying to film what was going on at my house. I feel the need to share because this is a company we all use and this is how they came to my house yesterday."
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Mama Olive then went on to narrate how KPLC, Kenya's main power provider, stormed her house without notice. And how they were accompanied by men carrying guns.

"Yesterday, KPLC showed up to my house with armed guards with claims that something illegal was going on in my compound. They just walked through my gate and into my garden where I found them. I did not let them in. I was holding my newborn baby while requesting multiple times for their KPLC ID so I could at least be assured that they are who they claim to be as well as that, I vehemently expressed that the guns make me extremely uncomfortable and that I preferred for the armed guards to stay outside whilst they checked the meter, they refused to show me identification or remove the guns from my property all while getting even more hostile which completely frightened me. They also did not offer me any explanation why they showed up in this MANNER."
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Single mum struggles continue
In May, Mama Olive revealed that she was a struggling single mum after separating with her partner. In a long post sharing the loneliness and struggles of raising children and managing a home without a man.
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Her words must have been prophetic as she had to endure this raid that happened at her home yesterday, all alone with just her small children.

After the series of rants about the KPLC raid, Mama Olive ended with a picture of herself hugging her three children tightly, with this message:

"All I care about is the safety of my kids! Yes, there seems to be a long going issue to be sorted out (I'm yet to understand). But the issue with the power isn't what I'm retaliating about. They have all the right to figure out what's going on. The issue is with the SAFETY. Keeping my children safe. KPLC you cannot behave like this and get away with it."
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