Mama Dangote Approves Diamond And Zuchu's Relationship

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By  | Nov 24, 2022, 12:27 PM  | Drama

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Two days after Zuchu openly confirmed to be dating Father Abraham aka Diamond Platinumz, Mama Dangote has marked their relationship a tick in her recent Instagram post.

Wishing Zuchu a happy birthday the mother to Wasafi CEO wrote,"Nakutakia maisha marefu yenye Baraka... Ma mkwe Zuhura Othman Suod @officialzuchu 💕💕💕" to which Zuchu replied and wrote,"❤️❤️❤️ asante mamaangu 😍😍."

The relationship between Zuchu and Mama Dangote appears to be growing stronger with each passing day, The Mtasubiri hitmaker recently gifted mama Dangote a teddy bear which she received warmly during a recent Wasafi concert. The two made merry together and even took photos.

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Mama Dangote heartily thanked Zuchu for gifting her the teddy bear which she called a mjukuu to mean a grandchild. There has been a rumor spreading, that the two were not on good terms and that is now put to rest.

Zuchu  finally opened up that Diamond Platinumz who also happens to be her boss is her man.

Zuchu revealed this through a Tiktok video that has left many of fans excited. This however does not come as a surprise to many since it was an open secret from how the two used to treat each other.
@officialzuchu Chomi am in love @nyigu ♬ original sound - FaTima🌈

In the video, Zuchu uses a popular TikTok sound to show her friend her new boyfriend to which the friend responds by saying as long she is happy that's all that matters

A lot of times Diamond and Zuchu never used to treat each other like business partners but more as lovers. The two however in many interviews when asked if they were dating would deny it so strongly. 

Rumors had been flying for weeks that the Wasafi Records pair were dating ever since they collaborated on the love song Mtasubiri. In the song's music video, the two are seen kissing. The scene raised eyebrows as many of their fans believed that they were actually dating. If it wasn't clear before that the Sukari hitmaker and Simba were an item, then last weekend's drama with the scrubbing of her Instagram, many saw it as confirmation that they are dating.

Now that the cat is out of the basket Diamond is not shying away from public display of affection towards Zuchu especially today when she is celebrating her birthday. This is what Mr. Chibudi Chibudey posted;

"This week we commemorate and celebrate the reborn of the gifted, creative, loving, talented, and humble girl that Tanzania has been blessed with @officialzuchu ...Thank you for continue making Wasafi, Swahilis, Women and the whole African continent faraja kuona ulipoanzia hadi sasa kufikia kuwa miongoni wa Icons kwenye Bara la Africa.. Siku zote kumbuka, kila kazi ina mitihani na changamoto zake....jitahidi kuipokea kila inapokuja na kutafta njia sahihi ya kuishinda, maana tafsiri sahihi ya mtihani ni Kupanda daraja baada ya kufauru...Mwenyez Mungu akupe baraka na akulinde katika Maisha na safari yako hii ya kuchangia kuonesha Dunia kua WaAfrica tumebarikiwa kipaji kias gani… Remember Lion Loves you always 🌹❤️🎂🍾."

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