Mama Abby Lured Kabi To Have S3x With Her?

Fresh twists

By  | Jun 03, 2021, 04:07 PM  | Drama

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Fresh twists have emerged after a fan from Edgar Obare claimed that Ciku, Mama Abby, lured her younger cousins into having sex with them. 

According to the unidentified source, Kabi is only a ‘victim’. The source gave the blogger details that are quite disturbing.
According to the source, the whole Abby issue is not just about family support but there deep issues concerning the family. 

On a youtube video by Ayfacts, one Fiona Westphal, Ciku was a drug addict who was chased away from their home in Ruiru where they were living because of her bad reputation. 

 Oooh my God what do this family want Ciku will never come live she is just lying because one I know this Ciku very well she knows her behavior she was chased away in Ruiru where she was living because of her bad behavior. She was a drag addict. She came back and started to seduce her younger cousins Kabi being one of them lock them in room and make them sleep with her.

 Not only kabi was trapped but other cousin brothers. Remember Shiko by the was very mature she knew exactly what she was doing. They have a difference of 10 years gap. Please enquire how old is Shiko and kabi age it is ten years Different. So shiko knew what exactly what she was Doing I think she is the one who introduced kufanya tabia mbaya kwa MA cousins wake wadogo. Shiko family know very well her behavior. Here it's only matter of money and to spoil kabis name.

 Hawataki kuona family ya kina kabi ikiendelea the whole shiko and Ruth side wanachukia sana. To an extend of wanting to grab their shamba. Wamewadharau sana. Juu according to them hawana chochote. Sasa hawajui mungu ndiye anabariki and this they don't want to accept they only want their down fall. People don't know the issue here the issue hata si Abby the issue is these family hate the other family.

The Wajesus drama is far from over, every time we think that they are almost solving their issues, new details usually emerge. Ciku today went live on Instagram with Edgar and revealed that Kabi wants her to enroll Abby in a cheaper school since he can only afford 20k per month. 

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